It’s time for the Midwest / Indianapolis to stand up!

Even though I visit this site religiously this is my very first post. And it?s time for the Midwest to stand up! (Myself included) Reason being is that the Fighting game scene is dominated by the East Coast and the West Coast (NorCal / SoCal). I never hear about any players from the Midwest?

I finally took the time and found the Midwest: Discussion & Matchmaking thread (I normally stick to the main threads) and now I have hope for the Midwest and my local scene of Indianapolis.

Then I stumbled upon this: Huge Super Street Fighter IV Tourney Indy
That was last month; needless to say I missed it because of work. I missed the only tourney this summer in my area, the only chance to connect with other local players that share my passion ?

I?ve been playing fighting games since SF II on Super Nintendo and I consider myself a decent player but nowhere near what I should be. Downtown Indianapolis has a Game-Works which has a Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Tekken 6: BR, MVSC2 and I think we are finally going to get SFIV machine (I don?t know if it?s Super or not) But no one is ever there, EVER! We have the tools to get a decent scene going and I would like to be at the forefront and represent Indy and the Midwest.

Finally I also found this: NapTown Clash II

I would love to connect with other Indy/Midwest SRK members and maybe organize NapTown Clash III! Summer is almost over but it?s not too late, I could totally see this happening by late August.

So, if you?re reading this introduce yourself or put me in my place and introduce me to the Midwest scene. Get back at me Midwest and let?s stand up together!

UMMM theres already an IN thread homie, looks like you werent looking hard enough.

Great, here come the flames…