It seems the delay when using console to pc controller adapters has to do

with the program you’re using. I don’t know if this is common knowledge, but I didn’t see it on the controller/converter thread. It probably is but I notice this when using my psx to pc converter to play different programs.

Stepmania response time and delay is so minute I can actually play a dance pad using a playstation adapter. I said PLAYSTATION adapter not a usb jack automatically on the dance pad. I guess the stepmania program was developed with that in mind and it should.

I notice snes and mame emulators that I’ve used have a little more delay than genesis and nintendo emulators I’ve used. EPSXE has the WORST delay out of all the emulators, its definitely noticably more than any other.

This makes me wonder if some programs I play will ever have perfect control or the program just will always have delay regardless of how good your console to pc converter is.

I have a cheap Radio Shack adapter that I bought maybe 3 or 4 years ago and it seemed to suffer from delay, making fighting games really difficult. However, that could have been the PC that I was using at the time, as I’ve used it on at least two other PCs and the lag appears to be gone across the board.

even though you didnt see it in that thread, doesnt mean you couldnt post it in there…

It’s the adapter. Get a better one. I’ve played on EPSX and Stepmania and all of that crap with my PS2 controller going through a Joybox and I had zero delay.

superjoy box + Latest drivers + USB port overclocking program from the CPS3 Thread = win

Do people really overclock their USB ports? Seems kind of redundant.

It’s just a program that makes the refresh rate faster so there is less delay time, from like 250 ms down to 1 ms

well its not overclocking the ports, its just changing the refresh rate. i have used the crappy small radioshack usb converter and after changing the rate to 1000hz(default is 150 i think) there is 0 lag for me.

Does there exist a simular program for Windows 2000 Pro? The ones posted in the thread work for XP only.

A couple were posted, but beyond those two I’ve never actually heard of a program that does that before.

  • this might help, but you will have to do a bit of work to get it to install.

Any downsides? It doesn’t slow down my PC does it?

Dark Bubble, you post on gamefaqs? I think I see you post in the psx board.

how do you change refresh rate for you computer? I use windows xp

Wow thanks for that I’ll give it a shot :tup:

nope, no downsides.