"It takes practice to fully transcend humanity!" Oni General Video Thread

This thread is for the players who want to help new/aspiring Oni’s get better while not getting in the way of watching high level Oni videos on the “This is your demise!” Oni High Level Video Thread.

Here’s my videos to start it off:


I only got to see the first vid against yang.

learn to punish. his third rekka is punishable. also his whiff upkicks, dont throw, put out more damaging combos. other than that have fun w oni, he is a fun character

there is already a video thread.

Actually it’s better off if this has it’s own thread. If newer players threw all their matches up in the video thread then it would start to get really cluttered.

I don’t know about you, but I go into the video thread to go look at high level Oni play, not a video of someone looking for Oni tips.

Thats a valid point.
With alittle tweak to the title of both of these threads, that would be an excellent set-up.

I agree with learning to punish. So many times it was either a throw or 2 jabs. Easy punish combo B+MP,HP xx HP SRK. Practice that to the point where its second nature and every big miss u get ~230 damage. Also on your jabs once u land 1 or 2(hit confirm), finish the combo with a hk tatsu or ex(srk). Use more F+HP to poke with. I noticed too that everytime your in range to jump kick you do. Try to stop doing this so much its predictable and easy to AA espically when your oppenent it standing. Try a match or 2 where u don’t jump at all u probably won’t win but you’ll learn more options move on the ground and Anti Air. Its easier to controll the match from the ground most of the time.

Oni has so many options and many play styles to use. I hope this helped. By no means am I pro but these tips helped me.

yeah i guess my oni belongs here too instead of that other thread then LMAO


This thread inspires me to start recording my matches lol

50bucks for a dazzle recorders. its really worth it

I have a capture card but its not HD :frowning: Thanks for the heads up though XD

yo this thread needs more vids!

I’ll bite. Here’s one of my better matches so far vs an okay Yun.

When AE dropped the only character I was interested in looking at to play was Yang. Gave him a shot for a few matches and was kinda bored with him. Gave Oni a shot and immediately knew I was gonna try to main him.

It’s been tough going but fun. I’ve had a lot of frustrations through the learning process but I’m keeping at it. That said I came up with an idea to help get myself a little boost in practice.

It’s called Level Up Road and it’s all about getting better with Oni. I’ve got two episodes up now. I know I need work, especially on punishes. Here’s the link to the first episodes:

Preview/Test Episode:

First Episode:

Also a link to my channel that has match vids I didn’t use in episodes:

Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated. As I train with Oni and my stick it can only help to have another set of eyes on my performance.

Here is two of my matches against refrain87, its online so don’t expect alot, but I’ll try to post more if people are interested.


Please leave any comments and criticism you want.

Just random notes to the above posters, decent matches, just seems you guys have to work on your footsies and stuff more, still good matches.

Yeah. I know I need to do that in general, but I was hoping for some specifics from someone. Maybe some large, major issue that I need to start with and some suggestions on how to do so. Watched the vids, FullMetalRoss, but quality on my phone is kind of meh. I’ll comment when I get out of work.

Live. Laugh. Love. <3

Wildcat became the true living Oni at around 2:12.


So I went back and watched episode 1 again just to give better feedback. So here we go

  1. Hit confirm your combos, you get alot of hit jabs into nothing, make each jab hurt because at higher levels your chances for damage will be less and less.
  2. Your neutral game has problems, you don’t seem to know when you should be fireballing and when you should be using normals to zone. Especially against Abel or sakura, you could have thrown some fireballs to zone them more.
  3. You like to wakeup with moves alot, block sometimes just to learn other defense.
    4.Learn your hitconfirms!

thats just what I saw hopefully it helps.