"It takes practice to fully transcend humanity!" Oni General Video Thread

Thanks. That’s exactly the sort of feedback I’m looking for. The neutral game is completely true, and I feel it’s the biggest question mark for me in that I don’t usually know what I should be doing footsie-wise. I feel like I toss out fireballs *too *often and end up getting punished for being readable. I’ll do some research on Oni vids and see if I can find some good footsie work to get a better idea.

I agree on all the others as well. All in all I think more time in training mode is probably the remedy. I’ll work on it and hopefully the next episode will show some improvement.

Thanks again for the feedback. I’ll make some comments on your vids when I get home in the morning.

Edit: Back home and watched the vids in glorious HD. I thought it was pretty awesome that you took away the advantage he had in the first vid when you negated his Burning Kick pressure. That seemed to open up a lot more for you to get in on him. I took note of your punishes which I will make it a point to do more often.

i have matches i would like to put up too. my skill fluctuates though it seems. :confused:

Good stuff man, Your spacing is solid :slight_smile: Also I like how you were consistent in using Tatsus to go for that stun. Seems like every Oni player I see has their own style XD

I wouldn’t worry too much about that. It’s all about getting constructive criticism. Whether you’re just starting or your the best it’s about finding a way to get better. If you’ve got the means put them up. That’s my opinion anyway.

Yeah like I bet daigo studies himself to death. Scientific notation. And play against cheesedoodles he’s a very indepth partner

I want to post my replays as I love advice but I dont have a way to record :(, only my Ipod Touch, would it be too shit quality?

I would guess it would be pretty poor quality, but you can give it a go and see how well it comes out. It just needs to be watchable, really. Try it out and upload the video.

If that’s the quality level then it certainly should be good enough.

The match I posted earlier was recorded on an iPod Touch.

Ok thanks! I will give it a shot


I like how you posted the videos where you lost. Big respect for that. Now if you haven’t already read this http://sonichurricane.com/?page_id=1702 go read it and crunch on that before you record your next video. Oni has above average normals that you aren’t using. You’re jumping in without a plan. Your fireball usage is really puzzling as well.


Not sure if it’s new tech or not, but I found it while doing some labwork. Figured I’d drop it in here for you guys.

Also, if it’s in the wrong section, let me know and i’ll re-post.

Had a feeling it wasn’t anything new, but wanted to share it haha.

I have a habit of when I’m learning a character to purposely NOT watch any videos or anything, so as to try and learn as much about the character as I can on my own. :slight_smile:

Me vs Yang: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptwRwS3dniI&feature=channel_video_title


Feel free to comment!

Well R1 @0:08 I loved how you did the most perfectly spaced fwd+Mk I just wish you would have followed up with some kind of combo like (TC2+HK Tatsu) cause that would have pushed you out of the corner. Excellent combo at 0:48, The only reason for the lost was cause of the follow up slash, I think that right there you could have waited and srk’d his roll ,but still that is better performance than I can do. R2 Exquisite start with the foot to face to the srk punishing the jump though after the srk you could have went for a ground pound since he never saw you use it in the first match (MindgameZ). I like how you recovered and punished using a combo (good stuffz). Only thing to punish I’d say was that dive kick but still good win. R3 Good moves with the fb to U2. My only think to say is don’t use the ex fbs from full screen as much because that’s wasting meter that you can be using. Overall its a great Oni

I wish I was smart enough to follow up the f.mk too haha. I’ve been trying to follow up f.mk on counter hit for ages, and I keep dropping it, so annoying LOL. I have no idea why I did a Slash, that was dumb and you’re right, I should’ve just waited really. Since Oni’s pretty gimmicky, yeah, I should use Ground Pound a bit more too.

Thank you, 'cause I really need all the help I can get with this char lol, I’m constantly losing with Oni online, and I’m getting nowhere.

Wow, he just decided to totally fuck him up in that last round

Just me playing some casuals. Poor execution I know.

I’ll don’t want to sound like I’m blowing hot air up your ass but the only two small issues I had with that video were the lines coming down and your spacing at times.

Defence was REALLY good.
Never fell for any gimmicks.
Didn’t let him jump in or cross up. Nice use of autocorrect dp and regular dp.

offence was REALLY good.
above average combo execution.
barely dropped any combos.
perfect amount of baiting reversals vs rushdown.
good use of safe jumps in conjunction with os to catch backdash / teleports.
awesome use of normals. You made his normals look inferior at times (they aren’t on paper).

The only thing about spacing was that you walked backwards nearly the entire time. You were a little too happy to sit full screen and counter attack which your opponent took advantage of to build free meter. That’s a pretty small complaint. Very balanced Oni. I should hope to have your “poor execution”.

Thanks! I want to be as lame as possible while still being able to win. I knew he would continue to whiff attacks and overextend himself if I just played patiently. If people pin me down I tend to get a little more aggressive in order to escape. I really like the defensive lame play style, but I don’t want to forfeit potential offense.