It there such a thing as 'cheap' AI?

I use to play MK3 and UMK3 as a kid and a teen, I am not very good at it but I know how to do some moves at least. I had seen my fair share of tough AI opponents especially Motaro who can kick my butt without even trying. This isn’t limited to MK but I seen in the KOF with those SNK bosses. It always bothered me especially since player has to learn to execute the moves especially if they are charge characters while the A.I. can ignore said limitations and execute moves without all the hassle. Not to mention that they always have secret A.I. moves that ‘impossible’ to execute by normal means. That is not to say that A.I. isn’t clumsy (see Seth for example) but often times the A.I. can spam moves without even worrying about the frame rate or execution process. Is there really sich a thing as ‘cheap’ A.I.? I always thought if you learn how the A.I. uses the moves you can stop but that is a lot more difficult to do in practice.

hey there, well ofcourse AI dont have execution “problems” and if they do, its purpusly there xD they are artificial intelegence they can do what ever their coded with, wich means u can figure out how each one of them work basicly :stuck_out_tongue: other then that… umm i think u should read this ^^

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Yeah I remember those bosses on KOF they were hard esp. Igniz, Omega Rugal!

Nothing is fucking with Super Street Fighter Turbo 2 AI. Japan version at least.

I swear Guile & Deejay AI have done walking forward booms to me before.

And if your ahead in the battle vs lets say Dhalsim. He do a normal throw & take 60 to 75% of your health away.

Also, yeah **SNK Boss Syndrome**is the term thats been being used for ages. Check it out.

Orochi Rugal laughs at this topic.

Someone hasn’t played Original SF4.

You should come across some Mugen AI. It is nothing like what you have experienced on console or at arcades. Some of the people who code characters make some really insane AI to fight against. When I was playing around with it I had a pretty big roster, and when I ran some arcade modes, I’d come across absurd mix of easy AI, medium grade, difficult, and godlike. All random with no progression considered at all. It got to the point I hoped not to get some of the good AI coded characters at start or it would be near impossible to even get past the first stage.

True story: When I was still new to playing FGs last year my friend gave me his copy of Vanilla to try out. I put it on the easiest possible mode, and went at it as Ryu to unlock Sakura. I got to Abel, then spent two straight hours losing the CPU doing roll > command grab > repeat. Eventually I took the disc out and threw it in the garbage, and and was too mad to touch any SF again until AE came out.

Also last night I had to beat MK9 story mode to unlock characters since I offered to bring a setup for it at a local tourney next week. At one point in the last Shao Khan fight the cpu got me with that unblockable hammer throw that causes stagger, then just continuously looped it until I died, lol.

Believe it or not Kahn is the easiest to beat out of everybody. He only spams his 4 special moves over and over so you know what he’ll do. Duck under the arrows, jump over the hammer, and just pretend that you’re a noob Ryu and spam the character’s projectile until he’s dead. His AI may be strong, but he is stupid.

Of course they can be cheap. Just because it’s an A.I and not a real person you’re fighting, doesn’t mean it makes some of their moveset comepletley unfair. Examples?

1.Pretty much EVERY Mugen char ever made.
2. I-No at the end of Arcade mode in GG XX.
3.Crazy Hand and Giga Bowser fight in SSBM.
4.All Mortal Kombat bosses. (Especially 9 and 3)
5.Soul Calibur III’s Cathedral Stages (Where you’d fight Nightmare or Siegfried usually)
6. Nancy-MI847J(And Sometimes Azazel)

Just a select FEW of the cheapest bosses I’ve ever had to fight in FGs.

Shit falls back to SF2:WW. Guile would do walk up Flash Kick, Blanka and Chun Li’s sweeps would simply ignore yours and sweep you instead. Dictator and Boxer would do infinites on your ass, and SNES Ryu would kill you with cr.Short xn, would he feel like it. Then there was the CE “sac throw” AI: as the WW characters would easily fall for tick-throws, they somehow decided that it was a good idea to show that reversal throws would always win*, and then any mistimed air attack would result in around 23% less life for you. Most FF1 characters’ AI’s were cheap, but at least the game was thrash. FF2 AI was sort of easy till Billy, and FFS AI was hella hard.

*reversal throws are in WW, if you get ticked from outside your throw range, GGPO.

Y’all should try out SCV’s Legendary Souls mode. It’s fun.

If you like being anally raped with a spiked bat.

You can throw Abel when he is doing the roll.

For some reason the Japanese version seems the easier for me. Once you know the patterns it’s not hard to beat it, even though I haven’t managed to do it yet (haven’t bothered memorizing all the patterns).

I was at the arcade a few months ago and a guy who started playing ST recently told me he could get to Gouki and beat him with Ryu. I didn’t believe him, but then he showed me some of the more exploitable AI patterns and also some other things that I didn’t know about, like you can actually lose a round after a certain point and Gouki would still appear. He let me fight Gouki one round and I managed to land into shinkuu. The shinkuu only hit once, then teleported through the rest and hit me out of it lol. The dude beat Gouki like it was nothing. Funnily enough I could beat him easily when we vs’d each other.

There’s an old vid somewhere on YouTube that shows some of the AI patterns. I’m pretty sure the original was published either by Arcadia or Gamest.

I know that now lol, at the time I had never played a SF seriously and it was infuriating. I was actually even more mad when I found out that I could have just kept throwing him. >:(

Also BB:CS, CPU Unlimited Hazama doing input-read counters with insta-moonkick for half my bar.

Soul Calibur III AI is ridiculous…

Pretty much every fighting game I’ve ever played the AI was either cheaper than fuck or barely more threatening than the training dummy. Nothing in between.

Sure could had fooled me, he kicked my ass a lot.

Level 8 North American ST AI can get ridiculous. It seems to me that they take reduced hitstun, deal extra damage, and have extra health. I did eventually finish an arcade playthrough, but it took a crapload of continues.

cheap AI in MvC3 and UMVC3. I’ve been in situations where I just pressed one attack button and the A.I is able to just throw me even if my attack came out. That’s the stupidest shit I’ve EVER seen! If I hit you, you SHOULDNT be able to just grab me out of it! The attack clearly came out! stupid crapcom and their recent trolling status! Its like they WANT to lose the consumer base that gives them business!