It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me


Im friends with this girl, who is in a pretty emo time in her life.
Shes depressed, and she lashes out.
We got in a little arguement and she blew up at me, blowing things way out of proportion.
I give her space to calm down, and she comes to me to apologize about 10min later.

I accept her apology but also I tell her that when she lashes out, it hurts me, even if I know its because shes in a bad place in her life, and its not something that ive done.

She gets emotional again and storms off.

She comes back a few min later with a knife.


She tells me she is sorry for everything, and for hurting me.
To prove to me that she is serious, and that if she could make me feel better by hurting herself, she is going to cut herself for me.
She goes to slash her arm, but I grab her and stop her.

I tell her No, I tell her not to, and that it wont make me feel better.
But then I thank her.
Because she has made me feel better.
She made me feel like I was worth something.
That I was worth pain, anguish, tears.
I was worth spilling blood for.
It actually made me feel like a million bucks, I dont know why exactly, but I was the happiest ive been in a long time.

Now I know that what she was trying to do, was desperate, crazy, and stupid.

But it was also the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.

I dont understand any of this at all…

how bout yall ladies quit over doing the pain killers

13 of them might be to much

i swear kids that pop pills instead of drinking grow up to be ****

Next thing you know Philth becomes a serial killer / rapist.

Should’ve fucked her. Every story like this should end in a mad, passionate embrace.

Nice story should have tried to fuck .What you can do to compensate for that is post pics

When the fuck did this site become facebook


All girls are crazy.
Hot ones, even crazier.

Im really torn about how I should proceed in my friendship with her.
When she isnt brandishing cutlery, shes fun.
Shes been there for me in tough times too, so I should return the favor.

But do I need to have a girl in my life that lies down in her bed at night slicing herself open while smelling the hair doll she made of me?

Should I push her away, or try to give her the support she clearly needs?

I think im gonna watch Ichi the Killer again.
That should give me all the answers I need.

EDIT: Tried to fuck? are you serious? SHE WAVES KNIVES AROUND.
Hot as she is, I dont need my penis chopped off placed in a paper sack and thrown into a field.

So… you um… didn’t get a blow job like I thought you were going to. Why the post then? Why the post? :tdown:

yeah i would have taken a bj instead of having her cut herself

haha oh wow

this girl is creepy

therefore my advice is wrap that shit up and fuck her

Philith, you should know by now that posting a story about a girl on SRK without posting pictures is forbidden.

I thought you got arrested or something

Hmmmm…getting into fucked up/bizarre situations caused by chicks you arn’t currently fucking.

Am I sencing a trend here?


Fuck drugs, weed and alcohol is where it’s at (:

And I predict that you will do something equally insane later, or maybe even right now. DON’T. Never put your dick in crazy.

Nigga please, if we followed that rule nobody would get laid. That’s like saying “I’ll play marvel as long as black people don’t play it,” shit just don’t work that way.

^Best thing I’ve read all day, thanks for the laugh bro…:rofl:

hell cheeeaa!
lmao! outta all the time ive gotten fuck up, I hace a good ratio of good:bad! prolly only like 5 bad ones!
ps, it took me forever to taste absenth, its fuckin delicious! haha
wish I had some swwaaay ealier

and yeah, fuck that emo chick already… No1 really cares! even if she waves a knife around, she just wants attention and prolly just sum dick dude…

Jhon Choi philosophy:
-Good Looking
-Emotionally stable

Pick 2, its impossible to get all 3