It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me

didnt read any of this thread

i was hoping maybe some chick sprung him from prison or killed all the witnesses in your trial

Philth contonues to think GD is livejournal.


I’m outi

Are you posting this from your cell?


I’d hurry up and fuck her already. Aren’t you about to go to prison for about 3 years?

Damn & i thought i came into this thread thinking the guy raping you in jail spit mucous for that extra lube…

Ask her if she wants to go watch Jane Eyre.

Is this the same chick who got you into felony territory?

Or is another well chosen platonic female companion?

Phil - stop making really good friends with chicks, and start spreading some seed before your paddle’s only option for three years is up shit creek.


With his luck, it’d give her ideas, and the next thing you know he’ll be blinded in a house-fire.

As I see it.

LOL. sig worthy

this sounds like one of those runon sentence things my cousins would like on facebook

Birds of a feather…

Is that prison-speak for “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”?

As I see it.


I already have a son on the way, he drops on June 1st.
I am currently seperated from his mother, though we are on decent terms atm.

I dont need to have sex with this girl.

I know its crazy to think, but I am fine with my sex life.
Sure I want more sex, but I get enough to know bad ideas when I see em.

If I go to jail for 3 years, I might look back and think yeah, I should hit everything that moves while I can, but I dont think its going down like that.

I did get arrested, my trial starts on may 3rd.
I am out on bail, not posting this from a cell.

Okay let me get this straight, you felt like a million bucks after this friend of yours was going to slice her arms up because she felt bad for what she did to you? I suggest your friend and yourself split the cost of seeing a psychiatrist. No offense but after reading your previous thread, you need help.

No Tapatalk?

As I see it.

should have let her cut herself and lubed up with the blood. vampire style


Thats really close to what one of my previous ex-gf’s was all about…

I wonder if im just attracted to crazies?

Like is it that simple?
I have all this crazy shit in my life, because I find girls with psychological issues to be exciting?

Am I crazy?

This. If she can cut herself, taking the dick shouldn’t be an issue.

That depends.

Is going to jail for 3 years over a batshit insane, ***platonic ***female friend “crazy”, or merely masochistic?

As I see it.


The girl involved in my arrest isnt batshit crazy.
And im not going to jail over her, its more for me making bad decisions.

You and your platonic female friend are out driving, when another dude driver acts foolish on the road.

She steps out of your vehicle, up to the other dude’s [car], and began flipping out at him.

At which point you get out of your vehicle, step up to defend her [attacking the other dude], and things get violent.

That was the story, wasn’t it?

How is that not going to jail over her, again?

As I see it.