It wont come off!

And now my fingers hurt xD

Simply put, Im trying to remove my square gate and put on my octal one. The thing is, my square gate just wont come off! Im scared to put a huge amount of force on the thing incase I snap one of the snap locks.

I have an SE madcatz stick if thats helpful. Any tips on how I can get the damn thing off?

You gotta take two fingers and squeeze two consective snappahmajiggers so it slides through the hoohoos a little but not all the way and then you do the same and squeeze the other two snappahmajiggers and then pull it all the way through the hoohoos and then return to the two original snappahmajiggers and pull it out all the way too and it should fly right out and then just shove the new gate in. If you are using too much force yer doing it wrong. The trick is try to get all the snappahmahjiggers out of the hoohoos at the same time, or have them all near the edge before taking one out.

Hope this helps.

Ive tried putting pressure on just two. Ive tried pressure on all four also. All four the the snaplocks will push in the gate just wont lift up at all. I can lift the fightstick in its entirety while holding the gate with all the locks pushed in and it still wont budge.

Try shoving a screwdriver in. Similar to this.

Unfortunately that doesnt work ether. It just doesnt want to lift up at all.

Thanks for all your help btw guys. Im trying everything :stuck_out_tongue:

I was unable to get the gate off of my stock SE stick. I just couldn’t do it. I know this doesn’t help for now, but your best bet is to swap it out with a JLF and use your new gate on that.

Im almost there. Ive got the gate over two of the locks using the screw driver method that synze showed.

I honestly think two of the locks are too big for the gate to fit though. I’ll get the off eventually but I dont know how anyone managed to snap theirs off so easily if its anything like mine.


Ive given up. It simply will not come off. No matter how hard I try, it just wont. Im going to have to buy a whole new stick and put it on that.

Why not just file/dremel/notch it off???

Because firstly I want to keep it and secondly Im scared I’ll kill something else in the process.

It’s just a shitty mad catz JLF clone, if you’re gonna buy a new joystick because you can’t get the gate off of it who gives 2 shits anyways?

Lol, I went through the same thing when I first got the SE, one of mine has the stock stick, but I wanted an octo gate in there. Bastard would not come out. It takes quite a bit of work, but eventually you can get it, what I did was round off the edge of a couple of the tabs holding it in place, not too much, just enough to clear. After a bit of damage to my fingers, it popped off. I was able to snap the new gate on, but I’m pretty sure I’m not getting it off without destroying the stick, which is fine, I’m placing an order for a new Sanwa set anyway.
Two quick points, first, the gates on real Sanwa’s are easy to remove, not much pressure needed at all, just a bit of fyi. Second, if you snap one of the tabs off, odds are the remaining three would be strong enough to hold it in place until you get yourself a Sanwa stick.

I did it the same way in that video. I took the entire stick out and slid a flat head under the black tabs and loosened each one, then pushed each side in just a little bit until eventually they all came off. It was easier the first time, but for some reason when i wanted to switch back to sqaure gate (was putting the GT-Y on my HRAP 3) it was even tougher.

If you do get it off make sure you take a razor, knife, whatever and cut the edges of the tabs down so it won’t be so tough next time.

And yeah, i have a JLF on my HRAP 3, pushing in the tabs was much, much easier.

Good luck, and don’t break anything. And if you do, well, just get a JLF of LS-32 anyway :).

Thanks for all the help guys but Ive decided to wait and just get a whole new sanwa stick. I tried forcing the screw driver under it but I was starting to scratch and chip away at the plastic on the joystick switches so I decided to stop lest I do some real damage to it or the rest of my stick.

You will bleed before it will come off. Also, do a search next time. There are threads about this with images.

for those knobs holding the gate in place its really hard to get the gate off. What i did was take a hobby knife and just cutting the knobs until the gate was able to slide off of them decently. i think i cut away like a millimeter from each of the 4 knobs.