It won't fit!

Avatar, please?

EDIT: Okay, so the first one failed, can someone make the avatar posted later for me? Thank you.

You’d have to REALLY shrink it or lower the quality substantially to make it fit. It’s 140k right now and you need it to be 20k which is 1/7 the size.

Damn! Well, thanks anyway. 'Nother request:

Can someone make this attatchment, along with the next one (I hate that you can only put one per post) across from each other with Arralyn in the middle? You cna pick font and colors - I’m no good at that. Thanks. I’ll post the other attactchment as soon as I can post again.

Here’s the second attatchment. Man, I hate the 240 second thing too. That’s so long!

Hmmm… I guess no one has looked. Anyone?