It would probably make a lot more sense to put this here!

Hi ya. I tend to frequent Eventhubs more so than here, so I’m not situated with this site yet. I posted this in the Juri forums mistakenly. These are my uploaded highlights and high-jinx playing online in SSF4:AE. I’m not that good, but I’m trying. I hope you enjoy and remember to like if you like and sub if you will. Criticism is always welcome! Thanks people!

Wow… I don’t even… seriously, I’m crying right now.

Yeah, it’s pretty poor quality at the moment. I wanna get one of those capture cards eventually. Although I feel it’s less personal that way.

Also, I know I’m not that good. It will take time.

Thanks for watching it though. :smiley:

Rules son! RULES!

Lol damn. Did I post off topic? sorry. ^.^ You really think anyone is going to actually read forum rules before posting?

this would go in the juri video section i beleave.

It’s not just Juri, though. It’s an assortment of characters.

Then it would go to the Video forum…

Ok, I get it, I made a mistake. Should I build a cross so you can nail me to it?

Its cool, man. Most people will say You should read the rules before you post, though I doubt any of them actually did so. What I’d recommend is post each video in each character’s specific forum to avoid any future mishaps. :slight_smile: Good luck!