Itagaki's comments on upcoming fighters

Itagaki developer of DOA and NG and infamous trash talker.

He basically says SFIV is a different kind of game so he can’t compare it to 3D fighters but he basically says it’s cool. Video interview in the above link. He also says good things about SCIV says out of all the new 3D fighters it’s the only one that’s trying to do some new stuff. Whereas Tekken 6 and VF5 are more of the same. He also says DOA4 is the definitive DOA.

If he didn’t mention dead fantasy the fighting game I don’t care.
Make it happen or die Itagaki!!!

Could we not make new threads on what this asshat has to say about fighting games? I am frankly tired of people cockriding him for no real reason.

Thanks in advance.

Dead or Alive 4? The definitive DOA? Shit, I play the game and I think that’s stupid. Hey, I’ll knock you off this bridge for an easy 50% combo. I can guess counter out of stun anytime I want. My guard can be broke but I recover fast than you. All my strings are fucking SAFE on block. What the fuck is that shit? DOA4 is the most broken game without an infinite.

The guy who designed it says he likes gambling. Maybe he should try Russian Roulette for a new kick.

Thanks for sharing. I’m always surprised if he says anything remotely nice about a game he didn’t make. :rofl:

lol shit talking on vf, where doa mostly copied its core engine from. rofl. thats cute. sc4 trying something different? sc is a series that has seemed to evolve the least through its sequels, not really adding anything new, mechanics wise, other than walls. atleast sc4 is finally adding a new mechanic in, whatever that meter is.

this guy does crack me up. and i cant help but think of jive turkey jone’s mockup of this dude with the oatmeal cookie. just makes me lol everytime

There should be a sub section dedicated to whatever bullshit or retarded comments Itagaki says about fighters. That way, we don’t have these kinda threads taking up space in FGD

It’s funny he says that VF5 and Tekken 6 are more of the same, whereas DOA is just as guilty of the same shit

yes we already know he hates everything without his own name on it thank you sir

Pizza the Hut needs to keep quiet.

Itagaki’s DOA 4 feels rushed and wasn’t that groundbreaking either. Definite game of the series? LOLOLOL!!! DOA 3 feels more polished IMO.

lmao, every single time the name “Itagaki” comes up, the first thing that comes to my head is an oatmeal cookie. This guy needs to go get a fucking life, seriously.
DOA is some of the most broken shit ever.

One thing I honestly hate about Itagaki is that he talks shit about other video games like the games he makes are THE games of the now. If I remember correctly, he said “DOA is THE premier fighting game of today” …I literally laughed out loud when I read that shit.
Not to mention, in the picture that was taken of him, the douchebag had sunglasses and a leather jacket and the background looked like a really, really hot day.

Seriously, who gives a shit what Oatmeal Cookie Face has to say? The guy thinks anything he shits out is pure gold.

Whenever I see Itagaki I think of this:

DOA1 copied it’s core engine because Yu Suzuki himself was helping Itagaki out with DOA1. DOA2 and on went on its own thing.

SC4 is trying new things with the critical finish and armor break system. That’s the new he was talking about. That’s what he was talking about.

He’s not shit talking VF5, he’s telling the truth. From a basic design VF5 has done little to nothing new over it’s predecessors.

DOA4 is one of the most balanced fighting games out there. Many characters are competitive. I can only think of a handful of games that has had more character balance than DOA4.

Not really. DOA4 did a lot of new things. Such as adding partisans, moving dangerzones, lobby system in online play for fighters, etc. . . he actually makes an attempt with his games.

If you guess wrong you’re in an even worse stun or you eat a high counter throw.

That’s not true at all. Most strings in DOA4 are unsafe and can be punished by a simple throw.

sigh The guy can’t seem to win even when he says NICE things, lol.

Aesthetic wise yes, Game-play wise no

LOL dude i wish i could rep you for speaking such godliness:pray:

Problem is those “aesthetics” effect game play more so than playing around with frames and move properties. Which DOA4 did and then some. Adding ground bounce to slam attacks. giving each and every move 3 different counter hit properties which lead to all kinds of stuns. adding a plethora of moves to characters; Some characters got up to 50+ new moves and strings; Most characters have 100-200 different moves/strings as of DOA4. A full fledged okizime was added. Lots of little nuances that most people even people here who should know better wouldn’t notice.

I really wish the damn comma key would fucking work. . .:bluu:

Doa4 was a shit game in every way onslaught is just a dumbass bitch even perfectlegend the best doa4 player in the us made a thread about how shitty doa4 is.

it isn’t an itagaki thread without this

The only thing i give Itagaki on is how the DMC series enemies weren’t as aggressive as the Ninja Gaiden enemies.

At any rate, I think DOA is an acquired taste but despite him thinking that VF5 and Tekken 6 is shit, I guarantee those games will sell like hotcakes as always.

Doa4 isnt bad really just get alot of flack for the counter system. but thats what makes the game unique, it reallyworks out in the end. But most people don’t want to give it that much time.

I actually enjoy the game if more people played it I would look into it more myself.