Italian MP checks out escort girls on his iPad in Parliament



Italian MP checks out escort girls on iPad during no confidence vote in Parliament | Mail Online


Probably spin it like the guy that received an email and was caught opening it on a live news broadcast.

yes, no, yes, yes, yes, no, lose the glasses and we’ll talk…


I’m sufficiently amused. Yeah, maybe not the best time to do that. At least he wasn’t jerkin it…


+1 for Italy being really, really fuckin’ cool.

As I see it.


hahaha i dont look at porn on my computer at work

i look at it on my iphone


… (>_<) … what app did he use?

I bet its one of those ‘Free’ apps with advertisements…

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Bad boy for life.


steve jobs doesn’t like porn apps

he just used his browser


yeah I know…I still use Air Video to watch shit from my computer on the iPad with the wifey.

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lemme know when italian escorts start looking at pictures of MP’s on iPads while fucking


Once last year, when I testified on a case I looked over and the judge was looking up lamps or some shit on When I saw that, I knew I was good and that I could testaLIE if I wanted to.