Italian Spiderman

:wonder: For those who like their movies with extra cheese, Italian Spiderman episode 1 was released today:[list]Italian Spiderman Tailer [*]Episodes 1-10[/list] :xeye: The other 9 episodes will be uploaded every week. More info here. Yeah, I know, it’s a train wreck. I wouldn’t have it any other way… dood.

I was wondering when they would release this.

Wow! This Is Fucking Awesome! (all caps please)

Ha ha!!

Dunny why but this made me think about the movie “The New York Ripper”.

Maybe these guys where inspired by Lucio Fulci

I think it was inspired by the fucked up superhero ripoff movies that they make in other countries. italian star wars? turkish superman?

:wonder: Part 2 is up now… dood!

too good :rofl:

:wonder: Part 3 is up now… dood!

This rules!


That trailer… what the fuck did I just watch?! :rofl:

Def. checking these out later.

:wonder: Been awhile since I’ve been online but episode 8 is now up… dood!

:wonder:All 10 are up now… dood!