Itazan is coming to Portland

Hey Guys,

Itazan will be in the Portland area starting Monday (9/10) thru the 30th(?).

He placed 1st at EVO World for VF5 and 13th on ST.

Chanchai will be hosting him during this time but feel free to make any suggestions of “Things to Do and Places to Go”.

My 1st suggestion: BodyWorlds 3 @ OMSI.


This guy is god, no joke. Want to learn how to be good at VF, watch this guy play like… any character. He also plays a good vega in ST, but thats only what I saw from him playing casuals.

Unfortunately, we have a tough situation right now…

My parents, with decent reason (considering they haven’t met Itazan or Yosuke), changed their minds about us hosting Itazan and Yosuke.

Because of that, the plan for them to come early this week has been cancelled and Itazan will probably be staying in California at least a few extra days and then go to Seattle.

I believe they plan to go to Preppy’s.

Itazan and Yosuke would still like to come to Portland but now… WE NEED A PLACE WHERE ITAZAN CAN COMFORTABLY STAY.

I’ve been doing tons of searching, but am yielding very few results.

If it’s added motivation, Itazan DOES PLAY THIRD STRIKE.

It should also be mentioned that they love to play fighting games, but the priority of the trip should be making sure Itazan has a good trip and sees much of what Portland has to offer.

Anyways, we need two things:

  1. A place to stay for Itazan (and Yosuke on some days)
  2. Someone that can hang out with them during the evenings.

I will be working a lot, and much of the work is late afternoon and evenings. Where I used to be able to take people all over the place, it’s become pretty hard lately. But I want Itazan to see Portland and have a great time here.


3S senses tingling!

no wait that’s something else…

My house is available until Saturday

i don’t think itazan plays 3s >.> i don’t recall seeing him play at all


Itazan plays S3 actually.

he was in an accident at evo final. when he was there, he was already on the loser blanket, sp he lost st3 before semi final. I saw him play in los and won 15 straight at an arcade.

his ken is pretty good. I guess he may be as good as other s3 semi fimal players. he is not as good as Nuki though. still, he is good enough to enjoy.

hopefully, we can make it. I would be able to go there in near future, but itazan is staying until october 25th. he already decided to go to NY before going back to Japan. He is also planning to go to San francisco, so I don’t know if he can stay around seattle and portland until 31th. it depends on how you get along with Itazan because he has no plan lolol he is definitely in seattle area around 19th because we are going to watch the baseball.

It may be so interesting that one player who is supposed to be good and got third place at evo final, but another guy can beat him so easily… because no one has seen the third place player lose a lot, it may be valuable to watch their matches.

anyway,I am going back to seattle today. I will visit portland near future like in 2 months.

oh by the way, if you want to contact him, chanchai knows the phone number

next time i will read the posts! arg but ino tokido and ohnuki are better at 3s =p

While I saw Itazan and Ken I play I can say he seems to have a solid Ken. And according to Plague/Yosuke he did get a huge win streak at Arcade Infinity. Either way he can also beat people down with his cheap Vega in ST so there’s more incentive to play. And of course, he will annhilate anyone in VF5. He probably knows more games than that, and he’s a reall cool funny guy.


he is arriving seattle tomorrow monring.

because he can not find the place where he can stay, I don’t think he will go.

but you still gotta help me learn lau:wgrin: