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This thread is dedicated to items. The information we wish to compile here (and will be edited into the first post) is:

-Uses of items (even the obvious stuff)
-Defenses against items
-Odd or little known facts about items

To start, some testing has been done by various sources on item spawn time. On Low, an item will appear every 20-25 seconds. On medium, every 10-14 seconds. This is VERY consistant. Smashball-only spawn times are shown to not follow this pattern.

So if you have time, take one of these items and try to find out the following; How much damage does it do? (Both when ‘used’ and when thrown, if applicable). Can you catch it? Can you dodge it? Can you block it? Does anything special happen if you perfect shield it? When it hits on the ground, which way does your opponent fly? How about when it hits in the air? Have you found any neat tricks to maximize the damage you do with your items? Have you found any neat tricks to minimize the damage your foes deal to you with their items?

So just reply with anything interesting about items that you find. I’ll edit it in.

Ill edit in a lot of my own stuff later.

UPDATE 1 - Editing for focus. Start filling in the blanks with the basics and I’ll update the first post with your content as often as I can.

Dragoon, once one item shows up no other items will until all three are on the field/are held.
and I hate this item because of that.

Well… im sure you already know about the fan. How it can get people in a near endless steam of damage by spamming the A button. It can be broken by some characters, but others just eat it.

Some really basic stuff, just to start off with

  • Hammers can still break, leaving you vulnerable. Also, the head can be thrown to cause some serious dmg/knockback.

  • Golden Hammers can backfire sometimes. When that happens, it makes a squeaky noise when it’s supposed to be hitting. It causes no damage or knockback and you can’t do anything else until the effect ends.

  • You can’t double jump while holding the Hammer, Golden Hammer or Cracker Launcher. You can hover with the Gold Hammer by mashing on the A button.

  • Mr. Saturn rapes shields

  • Timer and Lightning can backfire randomly in different ways. either it will affect all your enemies, affect only you or affect EVERYONE. Lightning can also randomly make characters bigger instead of smaller.

  • Bonsly and Electrode are the only two Pokemon that can be picked up and thrown.

  • The Beam Sword extends pretty far when used in a tilt or smash attack.

  • Dragoon, Bonsly and the Home Run Bat (f-smash) are the only items almost always guaranteed to earn a OHKO. The only time they’re not is when there are walls involved.

  • Pitfall spikes enemies in midair. It’s a OHKO if it hits someone off the edge, regardless of damage.

  • Warp Star spikes if it hits someone in midair.

  • You can now fire the Ray Gun, Fire Flower and Super Scope in midair AND while moving forward.

  • Hotheads increase in size when hit by fire or electricity before they’re thrown, but it doesn’t last as long. It’ll revolve around certain stages like Battlefield and FD.

  • Super Mushrooms appear to greatly increase the amount of damage your attacks do. It also increases the size of any items held. Poison Mushrooms have a similar, yet opposite effect.

  • Screw Attack affects only the first and second (or first midair) jump. For characters with multiple midair jumps, they have full use of their remaining jumps but they will be normal and not Screw Attacks.

  • Reflected Pokeballs (and Hotheads and other extended effect items that don’t hurt the user) will react as if the reflecting player had thrown it.

  • Soccer Balls will travel with the same trajectory as another character would when hit by an attack. I.E. Hit with Ganon’s f-tilt and the ball will travel at a low trajectory as if he had hit someone else with it. It only damages during the “fiery” part of its movement.

With what frequency do Smash Balls come out if they’re the only item?

Um, if it’s low, every 30 secs if there’s not another smash ball out or a smash is taking place/stored, I think.

Any fire or explosive attack will immediately detonate a blast box. Some characters can use this to their advantage.

Taking any stunning hit with the Cracker Launcher will cause you to drop it.

The Bumper has surprising KO abilities, especially when first thrown.

Seems like catching items thrown at you is a little easier than in Melee.

One of my favorite tricks when the Gooey Bomb is one me is to dodge just as it’s going to blow. Keeps you from taking the damage.

If I can think of any other things I’ve noticed, I’ll let you know.

Does anyone know what effects the knockout of the Dragoon pieces and Smashballs out of people?

I’ve had sometimes where I’ve beat the crap out of people and they retain them, but I can get hit once and immediately drop mine. I’m wondering if it’s random or if specific damage/certain attacks lead to guaranteed knockouts of the items.

from a blog post by Game II

"A Super Scope has 48 bullets, divided into three forms:

Regular (10 shots, 48 percent max damage)
Medium charge (8 shots, 83 percent max damage)
Full charge (3 shots, 84 percent max damage)"

You could “create” an ammo count with the Fire Flower based on just a normal A-press. If you do that, then a Fire Flower has 12 shots… If you hold A for as long as possible, then a Fire Flower has about 7 seconds worth of ammo."

Hammers are not a wall of damage. Touching someone on the backswing won’t kill you.

Thus it becomes much easier to punish someone holding a hammer.

If you get killed by a hammer early in it being held, don’t hesitate to rush back in. Get off the spawn platform and smash the opponent while still invincible. A hammering opponent near the edge is a dead opponent.

there are far easier ways of punishing the hammer. mainly, blocking and attacking.

perfect block on the black hammer gives everyone a free throw.
perfect block on the gold hammer gives everyone but tether characters a free throw.

falling hit box attacks will go through the hammer every time (bowser downb, g&w dair, kirby downb).
sex kicks will go through the hammer, but risk getting hit if the hammer users percentage isn’t high enough to cause a knockdown.
rapid attacks will go through the hammer consistantly if timed correct (peach dair)

characters can also outrange the hammer (ganondorf nuetral a). be weary of clashing though.

reversals as well work on the hammer.

look for chain throws on hammer users if you get the chance. no airtech means continuous throwing towards the end of the stage.

you can block bom-ombs.

when thrown, the magic wand will spike slightly downwards. if this knocks someone off the platform, they will be angled slightly downwards after traveling off the edge.

when thrown, the fan hits straight up.

This is really important. Being a Luigi player, I’ve netted a handful of kills by pushing an opponent back and then throwing a fireball at the crate.

I noticed that sometimes the smart bomb won’t explode. Is it just a random thing, or is there a way to control when it explodes, just like in Star Fox?

I think the soccer ball is my favourite item. So much fun to use. :bgrin:

Does anyone know what causes the spring to fall on it’s side?

Also, what the hell can that one pokemon do when he has that circle of light around him? I can’t figure it out.

It reflects projectiles and thrown items for you.

As it says in the dojo, sometimes the bomb will be a dud, similar to an Electrode. You will hear a sound when the bomb should’ve exploded but doesn’t . It does seem to blow up later if left alone.

First, WTF are Sex Kicks? Second, can non-tether characters throw a Hammer wielder after normal blocking?

Really nice thread.

More characters in Brawl have sex kicks than the ones listed.

These general facts are good, though im not sure the Dragoon one is true at all… but I’m looking for much more specific information for the first post.

Btw - First post was edited to help you see the intent of the thread. Thanks for all the replies so far.