ITEM PACK 2 awful. Sega, How about some real Version C items

Item pack 2 contains 2 items for 200 points. I pink light plate for the feet and a palette swap of an already existing haristyle for every character. How about releasing some of the items available for the arcade version C? The items we have right now for the game were all available in april this year for version B. Not to mention, we don’t have the ability to swap lower garments between A,B,C and D outfits which was a key feature of the arcade version C.
I’m wondering when we’re gonna see items like these…

I’ve wrote sega an email about getting some REAL new items unlocked and i’m sure if enough people send emails, we’ll at least get some answers as to when and if we can see some of this stuff.

heres the link…

agreed, i bought both item packs and jacky doesn’t even have anything that isn’t just a color swap. well unless you want to count that god awful necklace

:frowning: this breaks my heart

What a rip off!

yeah this pack was horrible.

Another orange hairstyle for Jacky. Wow.

they could have at least given jeff blue dreads…

seems like im not missing much then, i havent purchased any of the packs yet. im gonna wait :stuck_out_tongue:

btw L A Akira ive seen you a few times online, your Jacky is pretty good!

This pack was TRASH! So many letdowns lately =(

thanks im working on trying to learn jacky. shun is my main and eileen is my sub.

Out of interest is there like a list with pics of what you get with item pack 2?

Thanks for the heads up, I was mulling around the idea of whether I was going to buy this or not.

But 200 MS points for palette swaps, I think I will pass.

I think its a pallete swap of a haircut you already have, and a pink foot light for every character. Not 100% but pretty sure.

There are some new things for a few characters (Lion got goggles around his neck I think), but overall everyone just got a pallette-swap of existing hair and that pink orb foot thingy. Overall I’d say it’s about average.

I see thanks

You wanna know what’s worse? You didn’t even pay to download the items. You paid to UNLOCK the items. They’re actually already on the game CD and ready to be used. Sega calls it an experiment to see if players would buy items, but it’s still just ripping us off.

It doesn’t take much to realize that players will always pay for DLC if it’s GOOD. You don’t have to run a BS experiment to find that out.

Let’s hope that Sega makes it up with the console version of VF5:R.