Item shortages in most of the stores

So as I’ve been starting to do some custom projects and pinging around to the dozen or so sites that sell parts I’m noticing a ton of them constantly are out of stock or pre order even for dated items which pretty much puts a huge damper on things especially when I’d like to order everything from one site instead of ordering a hodge podge from individual sites and having to worry about each place fulfilling, shipping and such in a timely manner.

Not really referring to stuff like the cthulu boards which are understandable but more so items like buttons and joysticks.

Are most of you just simply ordering limited numbers of items to keep overhead low in worrying that stuff won’t move or is there some genuine low supply coming out of Sanwa (which would seem odd since the raw materials aren’t exactly rare or expensive) that prevents you from getting stock especially since these things are out of stock for months at a time which even taking into consideration shipping overseas and any sort of negotiations on price is a pretty huge delay.

This is like the weirdest case of me not being able to spend my money on something when it appears on the surface that everything should be easily and readily available even given the demand shown in this niche community.

Well, Cthulhu boards generally should be ordered straight from Toodles, who almost always has a decent supply.

As for parts, if you only have a few items out of stock, is is worth paying the hefty price for overseas shipping? Most online retailers are based in the US or UK, and so they have to determine if shipping a few out of stock items at a time is how they want to go, or if they want to order a large quantity at once. Sure, they could put in an order on one hundred JLF’s or whatever they wanted and pay a large shipping cost and not get a greater bulk discount, or they could wait and order 100 JLF’s and 1000 buttons and pay around the same for shipping and get a greater bulk discount.

If you want parts the most reliable source is but you may pay more for shipping than from other retailers.

Sadly its because its such a niche community that they don’t make so much and stock so much. Normally the standard buyers are those in the arcade and entertainment industry and not the home consumer. Only recently with the uprising of the fg community did everyone get into it. Take a look at how dry the market was when ssf4 came out. Parts were so scarce and companies took about a year before demand came back to normal levels. In short, its not just you but everyone in the community.

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I thought it was because James hoards all of this shizz when it comes out. I mean, how else does he go swimming in a sea of heart shaped buttons in his “button bin?”

The yen vs american dollar has a big say in it…

Meanwhile, in SticksBurg.

I don’t see that changing anytime soon and we’re pretty lucky the yen isn’t any higher than what it already is. That being said you might find a new web store in the process of opening that buys direct from the manufacturer and won’t run out of inventory very often. :wink: I haven’t had any issues with manufacturers not being able to supply me.

I dunno I guess my whole point is no one is really gaining any sort of customer loyalty. I have ordered in the past two weeks from 4-5 different places and not because one or the other was cheaper and even when it is a bit cheaper you still lose out paying for shipping from multiple places. It was simply due to them having the items I wanted. On one hand I guess it’s good that it’s supporting multiple people but on the other hand it’s not really garnering any reason for me to use one dedicated place to shell out my dollar dollar bills.

I’d personally rather eat the extra dollars in shipping cost or whatever to ensure my product is always stocked so that people would always buy from me rather than competitors. Even if you have to mark stuff up a bit, convenience makes things easier to swallow and with this being a hobbyist thing and seeing people spend upwards of a grand on a single stick and average $200+ on most customs the yen vs dollar doesn’t even make me bat an eye nor I doubt it would stop most if they had to spend an extra $5 on the hundreds already dropped.

People cringe when I tell them how much my triathlon bike costs and how much I’ve sunk into the sport so crap like this is trivial.

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Also lol @ that scrooge mcduck picture.

I can guarantee that you won’t have to worry about that problem for very much longer.