Item sold close thread


I am selling my qanba q4raf 3in1 six button ver. with 3D ssf4 art fully operational and in great condition, this version does not have the handle or headphone jack port it is a first generation design.

will let it go for $120.00 SHIPPED. If interested then PM me I only use paypal for my transactions.


Well the first ice blue with 6 button with the generic art did work on on ps3/360/pc…and I believe this is the one with the ae artwork instead since they did offer that for a limoted time by itself…
Maybe I’m wrong…but I think that’s the case woth this one…


Nope This was Qanba’s Minsk germen art 6 button 3-in-1 Q4raf it just so happen that when i removed the plexi cover to check and see if art was fused to cover i found underneath the ssf4 3D art cool huh. Anyway this item is no longer available mods please close this thread. Thanks