Items FS/T

For sale I have a Limited edition UK lime green FIFA controller. Asking $100 Shipped. Siemitsu original/new old stock clear K’s. With the old (smaller) switches. Asking $35 Shipped

Other Items/ Original Pink meshball w/ a few dings (for trade only) Custom stretched balltop and washer set by Kaytrim’s customs $30 shipped

I have the cow pattern ball, never used, still in bubble wrap.

What would you like for it? pm’d

Anyone want to trade straight across. My flash for your 2 AOU balltops ( black metallic and cow pattern) ?

It does almost sounds like a really good deal.

I think so too! This is still up for trade. I thought I had an interested party, but still no reply…

Anyone interested in buying the flash for 150 ?

24 hour sale . $125 for the flash1

Still Looking for the 2011 Black Metallic AOU Balltop.

If you have one PM me. Hopefully I can make it worth your while.

Ive got $50 for a like new one PM me if you want more.!

hello, still looking.

I’m interested in the black meshball.

a few questions as I know literally nothing about modding sticks.

1st is it just a matter of unscrewing the ball itself and then screwing the new one on? (I won’t actually have to open up my case or anything)

…and two does the meshball have any kind of different feel from a normal ball?

I have a MvC2 TE for 360, if it makes any difference to the above question.

Hi. To answer your questions.

Yes, it is just a matter of that. For second question. No, they feel like a normal ball top. Smoothe, no added grip.

Thank you for your interest, but the only things for sale are. The stretched ebony balltop and washer set. The green controller and clear buttons.

Everything else is for intended for trade purposes.

Oh okay, thanks for getting back to me. You should probably reword this though “Other meshballs $15 shipped” because it makes people like me think that they’re for sale.

wood dustwasher?

mastur I got em I got a brand new metallic rainbow and cow pattern.

I found the cow pattern one already.

What would you like for the metallic? Any of my stuff you see you like?
I’ve got a VLX kitty as well.

Please let me know and thank you for the post.

Ill take 50 for the metallic like in the title

Thanks Hak.

OP updated.

how much for the green balltop

Green Mesh balltop is $15 shipped in the US.