It'll Be Done Before You Know It -- The Steve Fox Combo Thread




FCC: Flicker Crouch Cancel. You can cancel any of Steve’s cancellable normals into Flicker (back + 3K) or Peekaboo (forward + 3K) stances. By cancelling into these stances and crouching immediately, you effectively crouch cancel Steve’s normals, allowing links that are usually impossible.

FFF: Fierce Flicker Fierce. Close fierce linked into low fierce by using a Flicker Crouch Cancel on the close fierce.

HDC/EHDC: Hellfire (EX Hellfire) Dash Cancel. Hellfire and EX Hellfire can be dash cancelled before the move’s active frames by holding punch (or two punches) after the quarter circle forward and then dashing. This is more practical with EX Hellfire since EX moves are cancellable out of Ducking Foxhunt. This allows links like Ducking Foxhunt into FFF for the cost of one bar.



Ducking Foxhunt Counterhit, FFF xx Ducking Skyscraper, flicker :lp:, cr. :hp: xx flicker :lp:, cr. :hp: xx :lp: Sonic Fang – 552 damage

1 Bar
cl. :mp:, cr. :mp: xx Ducking Foxhunt xx EX Sonic Fang, cr. :hp: xx Ducking Skyscraper, forward :mp: :lp: target combo xx Flicker :lp: – 450 damage plus groundbounce for tag opportunity.


Some strings to test:

In the corner, cr. strong xx duck, Fox hunt xx EX hellfire, cr. strong combos. Just looping this twice is 450 damage, doing the second string as EX Sonic Fang is probably more damage.

More Flicker cancel links. Best one I’ve found so far is cr. fierce into cr. strong.


[media=youtube]WieJrDkDn2o[/media] just some small things> i tried to make it use as little meter as possible to be useful


No Meter (anywhere)

j.HK xx st.HP xx Ducking.MP (skyscraper) xx f.MP>LP (target combo) xx c.MP xx Heavy Sonic Fang (394 damage)


Just screwing around and I found a combo that isn’t too hard it does 444 damage for 1 meter off a jump in. However you can start it with crouching jab which allows you to hit confirm. If ch.jab and ch. strong hits then you can continue the combo for 356 damage. If ch. jab, ch. strong is block you’re safe.

ch. jab, ch strong, ch fierce xx Ex. Sonic fang, Ch. fierce xx Ducking. MP (skyscraper) xx Ducking body, ducking hook, ducking flicker.

Looking by the other combos you guys posted the damage on this way is rather low, but it doesn’t require a jump in and can be start from either ch. strong or ch. jab.

Rather practical I assume.


1 meter:
St.Hp xx Duck LK Fox hunt xx EX sonic fang, Ducking body, Ducking hook, Flicker xx Lp flicker jab x2 (462 dmage [496 if you do Jump in HK)

just found out you can link st jab to st.hp.

1 meter:
St.jab, St.hp xx Duck lk, Fox hunt xx Ex sonic fang, Ducking body, Ducking Hook, Flicker xx LP Flicker jab x 2 (426 damage)


think I have a combo 1 bar that does 482. think I had one with over 500 1 bar, but I didn’t record it, will have to go back to the lab and see it again. i’m gonna a video for hit confirms, possible punishes, big damage combos, and counter hit setups that lead to big meterless combos, also with meter as well. Steve’s too good brah.

trying my best to exclude combos with super art unless it doesn’t scale so badly, my goal is to get big damage off of 1 meter or no meter. maybe 2 of the scaling isn’t too bad.


st fierce xx rh ducking, strong, ducking body/hook xx flk jab, ducking body/hook, st fierce xx sonic fang. no meter 391 does 430 with jump in.


The impractical corner combo I came up with last night was something like:
j.fierce, s.fierce, peek-a-boo cancel, cr.fierce, skyscraper, cutting elbow x2, cr.fierce -> some ender (sonic fang/fox hunt/hellfire rush)

Not at home to check the damage, but it was definitely the best I could come up with, somewhere in mid 400s I imagine without meter.


What combos have you guys came up with when you launch Steve into the match?


Shouldn’t more of these combos start with f.h or f.m for his target combo? It seems like his best footsie tool and you get a full combo off of it.
Target combo-stance cancel, cr.jab, st.hp xx ex sonic fang, etc?


The flicker cancel cr.fierce to cr. strong is cool. Thanks for sharing that. I have some dumb combos to share. Working on a quick video now. I’ll try to annotate it when it’s done.


I actually made that combo yesterday but accidentally had my vid on private [media=youtube]EuiZKredSVE[/media]


With basic a b c launcher bring steve in I can get ~312 damage building ~1 meter with him.

Anyone have any other high damage steve after launcher combos?


Whats the deal with flicker cancels


I don’t have great execution so this little corner combo is for the beginner to semi-advance Steve players

Corner combo for 444 damage: xx Ducking, skyscraper,,> xx Super.


If a move is special cancellable, you can quickly go into a stance by pressing the input immediately after the move. You still have to press down to cancel out of the flicker stance… which takes awhile, but in the case of something like Crouch Fierce, the recovery of flicker stance is shorter than the recovery of the Crouch Fierce… so you come out slightly ahead.

Input: Cr. Fierce xx back plus all kicks -> hold down --> press crouch medium punch as soon as flicker stance recovers


I’ve come up with a simple combo using the peekaboo style, still experimenting with it because I think the opening blow can actually absorb a normal hit(it happened while fighting against akuma in the arcade mode) but basically its

peekaboo>mp>hp>mp>mp>mp and im thinking you can actually cancel out to either flicker or to his normal stance in time to hit low and try and pop the character up. The opening mp, as stated before looks like it can absorb a hit(still testing if not that then one of his punches in peekaboo can) as well as if it connects stuns the character long enough to go into the hp combo which launches the opponent into the air, follow it up with a perfectly timed mp in peekaboo and you can juggle for at least 3 hits before the finally get too low to properly react in peekaboo. Alternatively you can go lp or switch between mp to lp.

As for damage I couldn’t really notice but im sure you can possibly put this as a finisher to a normal combo that doesn’t launch someone immediately after you start.


Just started playing, but Ducking - > Skyscraper - > launcher has worked well for me. I’ve been using Abel as the other half of this team and it’d be pretty cool if I was able to like get it into his air grab somehow.


Ducking -> skyscraper can also be canceled/linked into EX sonic fang, which in itself can cancel into launcher. I think skyscraper can also lead into his ultra, but I haven’t been able to time it right (it whiffs and usually hits right below the opponent in the air). However, I’m on pad, IDK if you can maybe plink it or if it’s my timing.