iTrader Feedback Thread for MastererBetty, loborine, and brightsons (PLEASE CLOSE)

TO THE MODS: I saw someone on the Trade Outlet do something similar a while back. That is, make a thread to use as a “feedback thread” since there were complications using the original thread with the new iTrader system. I’ve encountered a similar issue so I made this thread so I could give my seller proper feedback. I hope this isn’t against the rules and I apologize in advance if it is. I hope not though, since there are a few other people I’d like to give feedback to whose threads have either purged or are incompatible with iTrader.

I purchased a Mad Catz Retro Arcade Stick from the user MastererBetty some time ago, sometime between April 12 and April 15 for $30.00. I saw him selling in Kendrik’s “WTB: MadCatz 360 Retro Arcade Stick” thread and purchased from him via PM. To reiterate, I couldn’t reference Kendrik’s thread for my iTrader feedback, so I’m using this thread to leave feedback for MastererBetty.

Since I’m having troubles locating the original deal thread, I’ll use this topic to leave feedback for loborine also. I bought an Xbox 360 Media Remote (the short version) from him the last week of March for $10.00 including shipping.

And for when I can post iTrader feedback tomorrow, I’d also like to leave a post here for brightsons. I bought a used copy of BioShock, specifically the Limited Edition release with the bonus soundtrack and the behind-the-scenes DVD from him for $10.00 including shipping. It didn’t come with the Big Daddy figurine or the original cardboard box, but that’s cool.

Mods, this thread can now be closed. Thanks in advance and I hope doing this is legit.