"It's a good day to die!" T. Hawk Match-up/Strategy Thread



Now that there’s a T. Hawk section, this thread needs to be here as well. I can’t wait for SSF4. I will update this first post with info for easier searching


So far i ve heard that Juri might be a strong opponent and a bad match up.
Generally i think that T.Hawk will have some bad times against projectile characters.
Especially with Dhalsim and Sagat.
Offensive characters with a very close combat game will suffer from T.Hawk’s command throws and normals.


Bison might be a pain to but diving isn’t a move to be used against non projectile characters from what I’ve been reading.

Does anyone know if gief lariat beats his dive?


If properly spaced, it beats lariat clean because you’re hitting his head, where his vulnerable hitbox is. But if he does a crouch lariat, you’ll probably trade into Green Hand. This is what I could gather from watching Carpet vs WorstGiefEver, it’s in the video thread.


Taken from Eventhubs.com http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2010/apr/17/hakan-and-balrog-super-street-fighter-4-notes-impressions/

Balrog vs. T. Hawk
After playing Seth Killian’s T. Hawk it seems that Standing Light Punch is capable of shutting him down just as it can Zangief and other large characters. Standing Hard Punch was able to counter-hit and counter-poke T. Hawk out of nearly everything, including his fabled Standing Hard Punch and Crouching Medium Punch. Hawk’s Condor Dive was easily punished on block with Dash Punch Super. A whiffed Condor Spire can be punished on reaction with a normal of choice, though the timing is relatively strict and could lead to a free 360/720 for T. Hawk. I have a feeling this will be an uphill battle for T. Hawk.

meh I kinda thought Balrog would be a pain. He’s just a pain…


Enjoy fighting juri and honda. Ive played it. Not going to be fun. At all.


Heck I’m sure Akuma,Gouken,Ryu,Ken,Deejay,Guile,Chun-Li Dhalsim,Juri and Sagat will be uphill battles

Characters I think will be uphill battles are Seth, Balrog, Cody, Bison, C.Viper, Rose, Blanka, Honda, Ibuki, Sakura, and Dudley.

I’d go into why I think these characters will give him a tough time but I just don’t care to :zzz: but for the most part projectiles is one main reason.


In order to keep the quote 100% authentic it would be “its a good day to die” not today…

Just sayin


Nope. Dive will get him every time if it’s on the head. Seems like a 6-4 matchup in favor of Hawk. Only counter Gief has is greenhand on blocked dive. Hawk is basically Gief with anti air, more specials, better range and more mixup tools.

I’ve been testing out Hawk for the past couple of days.

Hardest matchup so far from the characters I’ve played against (Akuma, Dudley, Ibuki, Zangief, Sagat, Guile, Blanka, Honda, Chun Li, Ryu) is Akuma.

Pwnt Akuma in 10 seconds first two matches. Then he figured me out. This is a bad match up. It will be a keep away game. Air fireball spam, you will eventually get hit. The only thing that gets passed it is EX CS, but it has no distance. Akuma will either teleport or be out of range for another air spam once you EX CS through it. Blocked dive gets punished with a super or ultra. Jump in SPD’s whiff because of the teleport. This seems like a 7-3 matchup. If it’s a running Akuma, you basically have no chance. Hawk’s dash is too slow to go under all air fireballs. You have to be spaced really well. His hitbox seems ginormous. Patience and spacing is key. Get the right spacing to do crossup dive. It will be the tits against anyone. All matches I won lasted less than 20 seconds. All matches he won went down to the last 15 seconds or timed out. Frustrating match up.

Easiest match up was Chun Li or Dudley. However, no one knows how to play Dudley well yet.


i Think DJ is tough so far :confused:


Sucks you say Akuma will be one of his toughest my lil bro mains him lol but it seems like in every fighting game he just happens to main the right character that pretty much crushes the character I’m maining.

I find it strange you say Sagat and Honda wasn’t a hard match up. I’d image Sagat being pretty darn tough but to be honest not to sure about Honda but I believe like two people here stated he’ll be tough for Hawk.

I’d like to see how it fair against gief myself. I was only able to really beat them using projectile characters (good thing I also main Chun) but whenever I played a character without a projectile it was hell (but then again I don’t consider myself good at the game).
but I do think the crash of the two titans will be interesting.


I think one of the worst T.Hawk match ups will be Dhalsim.
He has the tools to punish T.Hawk all the time and ofcourse keep him away/
Like in Turbo i suppose Dhalsim will be a difficult match up for T.Hawk.


Played some good matches against a good T. Hawk with my Blanka (his Zangief is scary and it’s pretty much an even match up when we play Gief - Blanka). Blanka owns T. Hawk for free, as far as I can tell. Elec stuffs pretty much everything. Blanka balls seem to be safe, and Blanka’s normals stuff or trade with a lot of Hawk’s moves. Definitely looks like an uphill battle for Hawk. I’m interested to see if my friend comes up with any good counter strats, but in the meantime he just switches to Gief when he plays my Blanka. :rofl:


you’re gay xD… so is Blanka :frowning:


My friend plays Sim, and this is what I found. If you can space a Hawk Dive so that you land just outside of Sim’s b+RH range, then you can safely land and you’re good to go. He won’t use far st. roundhouse to beat Hawk Dive because of its slow start up, he can’t use it on reaction. If I can scare him with Condor Dive, it allows me to safely walk forward, or use Spire to approach.


Dive had priority over all his moves. CS would have priority or at least trade. Only thing that had priority of Honda was his neutral fierce. Anytime he’d headbutt, TB would pwn him. I was usually out of range for his sumo splash. Was a relatively easy match up.

This wasn’t as bad as I thought. Ryu, Blanka and Akuma were the worse. Get the spacing right and dive over fireballs. Cross up dives. CS shenanigans into SPD. CS works well with him, as his long limbs create bigger hitboxes. EX CS gets in. Empty jump in SPD. Sagat’s standing roundhouse still owns the dive, but it will be hard for Sagat players to adjust to the timing, as we can dive at any given moment while in the air. They whiff a it a lot. Sagat’s damage was nerfed pretty bad :), so it makes me less inclined to turtle.

His Lariat is no good here. Dive pwns it. He can jump in and you can just TB. SPD for T. Hawk has more range. Only thing Gief has going for him is if he blocks a dive, he can green hand. Hawk is basically Gief that’s faster, better range, a better anti-air and more health. Not sure how Gief would win this.

It may change soon once everyone figures out Hawk’s shenanigans.


Honda n.j.fp trades hawk c.hp, s.rh is very good at stuffing jumps, tomahawk buster beats headbutt thrown poorly, spd/ultra/super is free against blocked butt slam. Honda ain’t bad, seems even.

Sagat is still pretty bad if he uses ultra 1. S.fp beats s.fp pretty easily and it’s hard to AA dives with s.rh if you mix-up your jumps. Probably slight Hawk disadvantage.


I’ll have to take your word on it for the Honda match up. Even if its even I’ll take it. As long as its not like Super Turbo lol

but I still find it hard to believe you say Ryu gives him a tougher time then Sagat. I’ll have to see what goes on sometime after release as will everyone.


Played quite a long session yesterday.

Chuns st.MP stuffed pretty much everything I tried and cr.HK was beating dive. She also was able to cleanly beat a wake up reversal EX.Tomahwak with a jumping HK (I think? The one her foot is angle downwards.)

Juri didn’t seem too bad, but the person I was playing wasn’t using her projectile that much.

Jumping jab is still a great move and does cancel to Dive.

His DPs are largely shit, unless you’re punishing something obvious and Condor Spire is pretty bad too as it just doesn’t go far enough.

U-II is useless. A Seth did a jumping HP right in front of me and my Ultra whiffed. Seth overall seems a very hard matchup for Hawk. Much like Seth/Zangief in Vanilla.

Didn’t get to play a Dhalsim, but judging on the Seth match I reckon Dhalsim will be just as hard. Their zoning games are just too good.

Hawk Dive has a pretty long startup time and gets beat cleanly by most air normals.

After a LP Tomahawk, a crossup Dive seems to work pretty well. It’s hard to tell if it’s going to crossup or not, so it’s a guessing game for the block.


FP tomahawk buster is much better than ex tomahawk buster outside of combo’s (ex TB + ex HD is gooood dmg) since it has more invincibility it seems like. Chun’s s.mp beat hawk’s s.fp, s.mp, c.rh, c.fp, s.lp and s.rh all clean? Doesn’t seem possible… S.mp is so beef and stuffs the living shit out of all rog’s shit, I don’t see how it loses clean to chun.

Juri w/ a lot of projectile use is pretttty bad. Just gotta milk the OKI to win this match-up it seems and whiff a lot of spd’s for meter.

Dhalsim ain’t bad cause mixed up hawk dive is very good against sim’s b+rh cause he can’t predict when you’re going to dive, if you even decide to. Basically, mix-up neutral and forward jump + Dive and sim has a bitch of a time guessing when to AA. It’s a really bad trade too. Also, sim’s fierce is now much shorter so you have an easier time getting in.

Seth isn’t that bad either simply cuz of the huge life difference. 1100 vs 750 ? That’s 3 throws and some change.