It's about that time again kiddies for (FINAL ROUND)9 talk

Well I usually start the (FR) talk around the new year. This is a great time to get your feed back on how (FR)8 was in your opinion and what we can do this year to make your time at (FR)9 better this up coming year.:wink:

The area we had last year was a blessing. 2 hours before we started to take registartion we were setting up the tournament area and half of the outlet’s DIDN’T FUCKING WORK!!! on the capcom side:wasted: :confused: :sweat: I was about to have a “nigga moment” (boondocks term) with the hotel’s event manager, but he gave me the other side of the ballroom for free because most of the outlet’s worked on the tekken side of the tournament room. It worked out perfectly and I see that I need to reserve atleast the same amount of space this year. With that I may have to increase the entry fee to pay for the ballroom.:sweat:

I like the location of the hotel, because it was off a major highway with alot of food options for those that traveled to the ATL for FR8. I was wondering what you thought of FR8. How it was run and the location of the tournament? Games that was played and how well did we run the tournaments? All feedback is welcome. Good or bad I want to hear it people. It will only help me make (FR)9 better than ever.:wink: With everything that has happend in my life in the past few weeks planning for (FR)9 will help me get through this ruff time in my life. So post up people.:looney: I always start the (FR) talk in the ATL South section, because this is your major 1st and formost and I value your opinion alot.

Last years location was great. Everyone seemed to enjoy the venue ,and free breakfast pwned lol.

FR8 Raped, you always run this Tourney great man!

As long as we have a FR9 I’ll be happy!

FR8 was awesome, only complaint I have is that a few of the cabinets had bad joysticks. Other than that, the atmosphere, the venue, and in the middle of korean town, bad ass!

I enjoyed it last year; it was run very smoothly. My only complaint was that me and my friend from the same crew had to play each other in the 2nd round of winners in #R.

Will the same games be offered? New games?

personally i commend you for keeping as much shit as you can on cabinets!!

That is what makes this major, MAJOR!!

This will be my first final round and i can’t fucking wait, eveyrone i talked too, said it was a great, great event.

Ah yes another final round.

I honestly think that the venue last year was tight. No real need to change locations. I have no real complaints about last year. I think if you do things as you did them last year, everything should go fine.

As far as the Brackets are concerned, its not easymaking everyone happy (I did the reload brackets last year with Marn), but Im sure we can work on that and try to get things done a bit earlier and more orderly this year.

Shin you can count of South Florida for holding up the Guilty Gear side of things. Ill be there homeslice ^_^:arazz:

The biggest decision will be what games will be played.

MvC2, CvS2, 3S, Latest Guilty Gear, SC3, T5…does that cover it for major games?

Some people would want A3, TTT, ST, UMK3 (shameless promotion) - what is everyone’s opinions on these games?


I’ll run it just give me TV’s and systems!!

FR8 was awesome!!!
Being able to sleep (or lack there of, being in the South FL GGXX room :wasted: ) in the same place that the tourney is, is just absolutly tremendous.

I really dont see why anything would have to change for FR9 :tup:

Sorry to butt in like this but…


You’re still around?!?!

Miss you Jeff!

I will help troy with Halo if its Halo 2… I am assuming he is talking halo 1 tho. Im sure 2 would rake in a … rather large crowd. Not sure if you are going that direction.

Muff… you know you love staying up all night listening to clacky clack clack.

Ya Silv Im still here and gaming. Im moving to California tho very soon.

WOOT Im excited!!!

Any Halo is fine by me…

Hey ShinBlanka, my little crew that came up from Savannah last year had a blast. We had a little confusion cause I thought all the games we’re console and a couple of my friends wanted to pad it up in 3s, but that way my mistake.

I think the location last year was fine, I agree with the right off the highway comment, we had no trouble finding it and getting there and back. Also the price was right, and for a bunch of college kids cheap rooms are the shit.

Anyway, I like the setup of 4 games, each day. As for games… I liked the line up last year, I personally played A3, T5 and 3s. And I would probably play in all 3 again plus CvS2, maybe not T5.

But I’ll keep in tune with the thread and if any real suggestions come to me, I’ll post em. And I can pretty much guarantee we’ll have at least 5 of us coming again this year.

Last year’s final round was our first big tourney, so we’re looking forward to coming back and perhaps getting our asses handed to us a little less hard this year. Peace.

I’m thinking about adding a SNK game this year.:looney: Battle Col. seems like a fun game to play.

the latest Guilty gear

are shoe in’s, but there are games that I may put on the list if the interest is up for the odd games like:

SNK Battle Col.
The New Sam. Showdown
X-Men VS StreetFighter

It’s always cool when you guy’s come up to FR.

We will try to eliminate that this year and i’m sorry about that sir.

If I get MLG to sponser FR9 I will have halo. I think that’s the only way I would run a halo tournament. Sorry troy.:confused:

I’m sure you guy’s will do better this year. Most of the time when people play in their 1st big tournament they come back better the next year.:wink: They practice harder during the year, so they can make it futher than last year.:wink:

Look, i’m lucky enough to have friends that own aracde cabinets that let me use them for FinalRound. I know your not bitchin about the joysticks, but if it wasn’t on cabinets people would complain that it was on the wrong console. Sometimes you can’t win. We are trying to make FR as close to an arcade style tournament as we can. We will do our best to have every joystick working properly during the tournament. FR was a console only tournament for the longest and did great, but we all want to have that arcade feeling during a tournament.

haha larry waits until i move cross country to add a snk game :sweat:

i’ll miss you guys this year more than likely, hold it down and keep the FRX legend alive.

Damn I didn’t know you moved to the far NW corner of the USA rob!?!?!?!?!?:confused: :confused: :looney:

Hey Larry, would you consider DOA4?

I know it sounds crazy as fuck, but I’ve been hearing pretty good things about it and some people say it’s now on par with the Tekken series. Don’t know how true that is, but there seems to be some interest in tournaments for it.

Anyways, I was talking to Eric (MuffinMan) and we may try and make this depending on the date and what have you. Take it easy bro and hopefully everything will fall into it’s proper place.

i was actually thinkin the same thing.
Maybe we could at least put it up to vote :wink:

DOA4 would rape I heard The Spartan ( Halo Character ) has Active Camo. I’d go invisable then just shot you in the Face.