It's about that time again kiddies for (FINAL ROUND)9 talk

You left out Tekken 5 - that would make 8 games total.

You think A3 and ST will have enough interest? It’s easy enough to do considering you own them, but I’m wondering how many people will want to get in…

EDIT: If you only want 8 games, then that covers the lineup. If any of those were to be replaced, though, I’d take out A3 or ST in lieu of whatever other game.

Opinions, everyone?

Must keep A3…:rolleyes:

If there’s Tekken, I’ll definitely be there :slight_smile:

Do you think this coming FR that 3s will be played on both console and cabinet? Normally, I’d just watch 3s because everyone happens to know what they are doing in that game, but if it’s on console as well I don’t mind giving it a shot. :sweat:

whats FR sounds tight as it in georgia?

FR was great last year (at least the one day I was there)

The venue was the best location we’ve had since I started attending (FR4 I believe).

The games lineup was on par with the gaming community and it’s current interests.

The set-up was nice (I’m glad it kept as many games as possible on cabinet even though people still like to complain, gives them an easy out when the lose I suppose)

I know the bracketwork had some trouble. The trick to keeping people happy is correct seeding and trying to keep things moving for everyone there. I think it’s best to swap between losers and winners brackets so that everyone gets a fair flow of matches and those losers who are just going 2up-2out can get on with other things and not have to wait 2 hours from their first match to their second loss.

I would like to see some new games this year and hopefully NGBC is tourney worthy but I don’t anyone who has played it personally but it would be nice to see some SNKP inclusions. It would be nice to see some SamShoV or Tenka (another game I know of no one who has played it)
I personally like KoF 2k2 and 2k3 (w/out Duo Lon at least) and think both of these are tourney worthy.

Possibilites are pretty much endless…XvSF always has a decent showing from SC and NC at the least. A3 is another minor celebrity at FR and might be a decent addition. Vampire Savior…honestly I don’t know, but I would surely play it if it were included. It might be nice to have ST or even Anniversary Edition! The UMK3 thing is a personal favorite but I don’t think it would have much draw unless we can bring in Lex or NinjaGrinder for a showdown against the South’s finest (that being Bobsmack and myself of course…LoL). Is everyone pretty much dead to Fighting Jam…thought so…

Tekken 5 should probably be included but I know nothing about DoA4 or whatever is the most recent release. Soul Calibur always brings in numbers for some reason.

Oh well if nothing else pans out maybe some KI will show up!


Blasphemy! It would DEFINITELY have the biggest draw :rofl:

Cabinet only.


I forgot tekken. That’s on the list now. I think ST may get the boot this year.

Hey Larry, what’s the projected date for FR9?

I want to come, but I’ve got to make sure it doesn’t conflict with other things I’ve planned in advance.

Great tourny last year. Better sticks and buttons on some of the cabs, that’s about it.

BrwnbellyYankee yes FR is in GA, in ATL and yes it is tight as hell!

On another note Larry it was off the chain last year. My only suggestion is we have stations dedicated to casual play for the each game. So people can play during the tournies as well. This was a constant problem last year, people playing on stations during the tourney when there is an open TV. So we should have a TV at the end of each game area labelled Casual. I think it’s a win-win situation for everybody. Players can play during tournaments and keep the actual tournament area uncluttered for organizers.

If anybody is serious about DOA being added, I’d check with the DOA community first. Last I heard, they were playing DOA3.1. Not sure how DOA4 is shaping up.

Yo Larry! What’s up?

Everything about FR8 was solid. And the line up of major games unfortunately hasn’t changed in the past year, so you can basically run them back and have FR9 still be great.
IMO the ONLY thing that can make FR9 better than last years is if we have some free tv’s on the side during tourney time.

Let’s face it; It would be hard to get a tourney worthy turnout for something like Vampire Savior, SSV, or VF4:Evo because of the lack of exposure to the community and not enough buzz. But that doesn’t mean that no one wants to play them casually, and you’ll be helping to expose more games to the community(therefore helping to keep the scene alive).

Only problem with this is that the extra TV’s might be spreading your resources thin since you might need those for the tournaments, but that’s just something to think about. (Hell, I’ll bring my own TV if I could.)

Ted: WANNA PLAY VS!!!:sad:


Why don’t you just come up this way one weekend and we’ll make an all day gaming session!

i’ve been practicing vs on my saturn, i wanna play and see how good my lord rapter and demitri are!!

This is a good idea for the “casual section” this game(vampire savior) could atttract people from all game imo!1

Yea if I have extra tv’s then I will set up some casual stations, but that’s only if I have the extra tv’s to spare.:confused:

Here’s what happend last year. Before FR8 alot of people was asking what type of joysticks were in the cabinet’s being used at fr8. It seems the majority of people wanted to play on perfect 360’s. I don’t like them, so I didn’t put them in “MY” cabinet. But my friends went and got brand new 360 controllers just for FR8 so people wouldn’t complain about the sticks. People were still complaining about their sticks when they just got BRAND NEW PERFECT 360’S, but didn’t complain about my shit. wtf:confused: I know this is a tournament and we will try our best to have everything working during the tournament, but if all of the buttons and stick are brand spanking new what else can we do sir?!?!?!?!?:confused: :confused: :wonder: Maybe the sticks are too new and need to be broken in some. All I can do is ask them to make sure everything is working properly on their cabinet’s. Lending me the cabinet is a favor and to tell you the truth they don’t have to lend me shit if they didn’t want too! I’m sure no one want’s to play on a broken cabinet. Trust me man I don’t want to play on broken shit either when i’m in a tournament. We will do our best to keep everything running in tip top shape. It just feel’s like I can’t win sometimes. If I make it all console, then people will complain about playing on console’s for certain games like 3S and A3. The “dreaded joystick short in the core” causing them to lose a match because of the blue screen pause. That = an automatic lost of that round in “any” console tournament and that always starts drama at “any” console tournament.:confused: We will have everything working for fr9 and hopefully we can avoid the drama this year.:wink:

After watching the Jeff Schaefer vs. Daigo vids again, I kinda think Anniversary Edition would be a better choice than ST. Supposedly, if you wanted to go straight ST, the translation is perfect, but it might be fun to see all the madness now that AE has had time to make its way into the mainstream.


Only one cab didn’t work that well, I believe anyway, that was a 3S machine. And buttons, another 3S machine had concave buttons, which is something I heard a lot of people complain about. Other than that everything was cool.

I have owned NeoGeo Battle Coliseum for a couple of days now and I honestly have to say its by far my favorite neo title ever. I has way to much cool shit in it and I would so love to at least have a casual tv set up for it if not a tourney. Old school SNK players can easily pick this one up and play it. I dont know if anyone else will have it but if my ps2 isnt getting used for Guilty Gear, then Ill definitely have it on. I really suggest trying to build hype for a tourney on this one.

DOA4 huh? Wont it be hard finding enough 360s? I love DOA and would love to see Nicole (That Spartan) in action.

Hrmmm ya getting MLG involved would really take the focus off the fighting game theme. Thats what we all truly love and are here for so I see your point Larry. Tell Troy to suck it.

Oh and to throw out this question again because I dont think it got answered: When is the projected time for FR9. Around Easter again?

As far as Guilty Gear goes, I am pretty sure we should keep it Reload even if the newer version (GGXX Slash) comes out on PS2 before hand. Most the players who come to FR wont have access to Slash right when it comes out(I will ^_^). To have a tourney for a game not many people have played is silly. Reload however has been around and is on XBOX and import PS2&PSP, as well as on PC. If you are a GG fan, chances are you own a copy somehow someway.

Bottom line, Guilty Gear will be Reload as long as there isnt a flood of objections. If Slash comes out, and if demand is hi enough, I will throw a mini-tourney for it. Either way if I have the game it will definitely be showcased

Getting excited hehe.