Its about time...CPS3 carts can be revived!


All thought at the moment, all cps3 carts can be revived only to SF III: 2nd impact, it is a step in the right direction. It is only a matter of time before we will have phoenixed 3rd strike carts. So head on over to ebay and snatch up all those dead cps3 carts.
Check out all the hard work that has been going on.

Repair for 3S arcade board?

I thought this was old news, or at least I think I’ve heard it being done a while back. Would be pissed though if my 3s cab bricked and I’d have to get it downgraded to 2i lmao.


There *may *be people with battery-less 2i carts that are running 3s, course I wouldn’t want to discuss such a thing as it is piracy.


Yeah, that would suck to replace a 3s cab with 2i(I’ve had 3 carts suicide on me). From what I have gathered over the years no one has been able to revive dead carts except a small group of individuals in main land China. They would revive 3s carts the to the Asian ver. of 3s for a hefty price. This is the first i have herd of anyone being able to run battery-less cps3 anything. The phoenix technique has existed for many years on the cps2 architecture but has not made its appearance until now on the cps3 architecture. I just want to give word to all those individuals who are sitting on dead carts.


Dat Chinese tech.


I don’t know whether I am proud or ashamed to say my five year plans include owning a cps2, cps3, and an 80s model dodge to haul a portable bbq apparatus.

I throw a 4 year degree in there to seem legit I guess… But that can wait til after I get my cabs.


I’m proud to be able read that.


Even better than getting a cps3 would be finding people to play it with. They don’t make em like they used to…