It's All About Japaneeeese Martial Art


I now believe that this game was created to promote Japanese martial arts than to fairly represent different world of martial arts. Karate characters are always above average in tier list…even fattie summo wrestler (Honda) can woop a handful of @sses
And remember who did Bruce Lee beat the poop out of in his movies? Yup…their vevenge is now brought into the game name Super Street Fighter. So now he’s created as “the” sandbag for everyone!!! :rofl: :rofl:


Considering a Boxer, a Bullfighter and a Yoga Master are “arguably” the best chars, I’d have to disagree mate. Yeah the Japanese chars are above average in most respects, but Capcom promote some other styles just as much. If they had the ‘asian’ chars being the best, this game wouldn’t be as popular in the West, IMO.