It's all about momentum


At first I want to say my English isn’t the best, so please be lenient.

Yesterday night under the shower (where the philosophy has its origin) I thought about specific characters like Morrigan, Firebrand, Vergil, C. Viper, Dormammu, Wolverine, etc. and I was asking myself “Why are they so extremely good?” Look at Wolverine: he is a mid-tier character and beats the shit out of you if he has the start, and that is the point. You want some characters to start the game such as Wolverine, Magneto, etc. So I classified these characters as “momentum creators” or a better definition “actors” (correctly written?).

But what is with these other characters like Firebrand and Dormammu? When you watch Filipino Champ’s matches, you notice that he needs to bring Dormammu in a situation where he can hold the moment. In other words, he needs a situation where the opponent needs to block and a mostly clear map. Magneto Magnetic Shockwave DHC into “watch out, here comes the sun”.

The “momentum holder” is a different kind of actor. He forces the opponent into the role of the “reactor”. Reaction is a good bullet point to classify C. Viper. C. Viper with her EX moves is the epitome of reaction. I would determine her as a “momentum breaker”.

For the last definition I bring in the assists. For example, Doom’s too powerful missiles. In the case of Morrigan and Dormammu these missiles are your main problem because without them, you aren’t forced to take so much chip damage and the fight would be okay. In this game you need to respect chip damage.

So at this point I figured out four categories: Momentum Creator/Holder/Breaker/Helper. And now I can make a new tier list based on these categories (I know this is a hypothesis and might not be right, but it is kind of logical).

For example Wolverine (just an example):

He’s clearly a Creator with a 9/10 rating. In this category we have the mixup potential, confirm potential, confirms…

I don’t know a lot about this game so perhaps you can help me to figure out and edit this, what a Creator needs to have.

Holder: 6/10 rating. Wolverine has the in-your-face factor.

Breaker/Helper: 4/10 and 3/10 respectively.

It is important to not take an average value from these; it prevents the momentum and character’s specific kind from being clarified.

Creator: 8/10. Low startup of normals, big hitboxes, fast activation of Spiral Swords, I’m here I’m everywhere.
Holder: 9/10. He just needs meter to maintain momentum, that’s ridiculous.
Breaker: 8/10. He doesn’t care about most beams or whatever is hitting Spiral Swords.
Helper: 6/10. Rapid Slash is good in some cases.
And so on.

C. Viper
Creator: 5/10.
Holder: 9/10. Once she eliminates the point or character currently in play, she will break the defenses of the rest of your team.
Breaker: 9/10. EX Moves.
Helper: 4/10. OTG (Seismic Hammer) and overhead (Burn Kick) but poor assist for keeping momentum. (Perhaps for damage output since character elimination will create or hold momentum. It’s unclear in that case; I hope you can figure it out better than I did).

I noticed that I can’t categorize the situation by incoming characters. I know that mixups are inclined towards creating momentum, but an incoming character is forced to react. Do you agree?

I know there are subcategories of the 4 main categories, like holding momentum against an incoming character or holding momentum throughout a match. But I can’t say which situations in this game really exist…I should play more. :frowning:

With this knowledge you can build new teams around basic structures such as Creator/Holder/Helper. I like it when characters can fulfill more than one role to make multifunctional character builds like Creator/Helper, Holder/Helper, Creator/Holder (anchor) or Helper (Doom/Sentinel).

So guys, after a long shower I’m sitting here with underwear and finished writing. I hope I gave you a new idea to rate characters and teams and perhaps the whole shit here makes sense and can get developed.

Do you have questions? the answer is DAMAGE!!!

thanks at CosmicSpiral


Could you define the roles of Creator/Holder/Breaker/Helper a little better in order for us to understand how your ranking system works?



Corrected for ease of understanding.


thank you! :slight_smile:
I hope fervently that this approach contribute to the understanding of the game and team builds.