It's all up in the air


I’m trying to get my head around all the air based shenanigans that goes on in Marvel, it’s obviously a big part of the game and not something I’ve experienced in other games.

I’m watching these long air combo videos where the attacking player keeps the opponent in the air almost indefinitely trying to work out what is going on (I would like to have some understanding of this even if I can’t do it).

These seem to be split into several types, one where the attacker is dropping to the floor and jumping again (before the juggled player drops) to continue the combo (IM for example) This is fairly straight forward. Others seem to involve flying tricks, I guess this goes something like launch > combo xx fly xx UnFly > win (no really, how does this work?) I understand the concept of fastfly and UnFly mode but not how they combine to form long air combos.

The next thing which is a little confusing is OTG combos. I think what’s happening here is when the opponent is properly knocked down (i.e they don’t flip recover midair or flip when they hit the floor) when they’re hit on the ground they’re lifted up back into a falling state when they can be relaunched with a launcher attack, right? Can you not relaunch them when they’re actually falling, are they only succeptible to hits on/just before the ground?


OTG combos - You can hit them before they hit the ground as they are falling if you like.

Fly combos - Players get creative with these…basically it’s a magic series xx fly xx more normal hits xx unfly xx normals xx fly xx more normals. The hits have to connect while the opponent is still in hitstun in order for them to combo, so the input for fly/unfly has to be very fast. Also, no hits should cause flying screen, so basically no HP or HK unless you are flying (but iron man/war machine’s u.hp is ok).


I see, you need to have the UnFly glitch mode enabled and use fastfly correct?


actually you can OTG people once they hit the ground, but they can roll (unless in situations where rolling is not allowed…like Doom’s SPA)

or time a hit so they’re juggled before they hit the ground, like you said

inputs need to be fast if you’re sent. if you’re IM, you actually want them to be slower if you are trying to air to ground them.

Also, you CAN use HP HK in an unfly combo out of fly mode, because you’re in unfly mode and not SJ mode.


Can you give an example of this? I assume it’s some corner combo with Ironman, but I’ve never seen that…neutral j.HP, u.HK, rejump into whatever?


in corner, or on bigger characters, you can do, fl.up+hp, unfly, N.Fierce (or down fierce even)

one of my vids: [media=youtube]ul_F3WyS-c0[/media]

also, with sent: the,, unfly, hp combo to

those don’t cause flying screen. unfly mode is not the same as SJ mode. it’s more like a mix with NJ mode


Few more questions,

  1. So, when you normally come out of fly mode, you’re back in normal jump mode but with your one action already used (hence you can’t do anything as you drop) All the Unfly glitch does is still put you in jump mode when you come out of fly mode BUT not use up your one action, correct?

  2. What is refly? Is it just unfly (with the glitch) then fly again?

  3. Superjump is kinda just a temp fly mode but without the ability to call assists?


you can usually do a special once…or fly again (refly) I think dash also

refly is just flying, attacking, unflying (no unfly mode needed), flying again (very quickly) and attacking to combo

SJ mode is just SJ mode, don’t think of it as temp fly mode


It would be really useful for us newcomers to have a brief rundown of the different air states. I’ll give it a bash, If anyone could correct the following if there’s mistakes I’d be greatful. I’m aware there are a few caveats to the following but a basic overview should be sufficient.

Jump State [aka normal jump NJ]

Jump state is applicable to the following;
[]Regular jump input (i.e hitting any up direction)
]Jump in from side of screen (character died or snapback)

Can execute one (not both) of the following actions;
[]Attack/combo (magic-series still applies)
]Block (can block multiple hits but cannot leave block stun and block again)

So for example you can’t attack and then block in the same jump. There are a few exceptions to this rule, Spiderman/Sabretooth can perform 2 actions during a normal jump.

You can also always perform a single special/super in addition to either option above. Special/supers that can be performed in the air are character specific and are listed as such in the move list.

Super-Jump State [SJ]

All characters can super-jump. Super-jump is also initiated pressing up directly after a launcher.

SJ does not impose any restriction on the number of actions you can perform but you are unable to call your assist.

Fly State

The following characters can initiate fly mode;

[]Iron Man
]War Machine
]Dr Doom

Fly mode doesn’t limit your attacks but you are unable to guard and you can call your assist.

‘fastfly’ is technique used to decrease the recovery period entering fly mode opening up some extended air combos.

Unfly State

Unfly state is activated when you cancel out of fly mode and is basically identical to the jump state. The exception being your one action of blocking/attacking is used up so you’re unable to even guard when exiting fly state. You can still use one special/super.

Elaborate air-combos can be performed by entering/exiting fly mode very quickly during various points to extend the combo beyond the basic magic-series chains. The ‘fastfly’ technique detailed above is usually required and also sometimes the use of the glitched 'UnFly ’ state (see below)

An example of this would be

magic series xx fly xx more normal hits xx unfly xx normals xx fly xx more normals

UnFly State

By exploiting a glitch (see you can avoid the limitation of the regular unfly state detailed above and not lose your ability to attack/guard while exiting fly state.

Falling State

After a character gets knocked off their feet they will enter a falling state where they can be juggled until they;

[]Flip and recover mid-air returning to jump-state
]Flip and recover as they hit the floor returning to a standing state
[*]Be fully knocked down on their back entering a grounded state (where they can be hit/re-launched)


In Jump State, once you attack, you can’t block afterwards.
Dhalsim and War Machine can fly also.
Not sure about Falling State - sounds like only the last bullet describes it.


I wasn’t sure about the falling, I know you can recover mid air OR be properly grounded i.e on your back (like most fighting games)


unless you’re one of the special characters who have 2 actions in NJ mode…spiderman, sabretooth, etc. IIRC