It's been a long time, SRK

I haven’t posted in a year. I decided to take some time off cold turkey and try to get my life a little more on track. So I buckled down at the job, settled down with a great girl, and things were going great. I was promoted to assistant manager at work, transferred to a nice slow store, and things couldn’t have been better.

For 6 months.

In November, however, I lost said job due to stupid reasons (kinda my fault, but kinda not, just remember NEVER say penis at work, even if the other person is cursing up a storm. “Vulgar” language will get you fired quick.)

Ok, so everything was still ok, sorta. Job searching was a pain in the ass, but doable.

Then we moved. In February, we got a better place. Still jobless, I kept plugging away. STILL haven’t found anything but the occasional temp job, but it’s fine.

Till late may, that is. My girl comes home and tells me out of the blue that she doesn’t love me anymore, hadn’t since Feb., and wanted me to move out. Oh, don’t be in a big hurry, of course, but then she WAS using MY car for her job. 3 years together, never any fights, no arguments, nothing. Out of the blue, she claims that bullshit.

So heres where shit stands for me, SRK. I gave her the same amount of warning she gave me. (Moved in with my sister without telling the ex till the night before) and cut the power to the place. It was in MY name, so fuck her if she can’t get to work or have power. Anyway, it’s come to this. I’m going to be making a nice big trading post thread with a shitload of games and other things in it. I’ll put the link up when I get it done. Head on over there and see what I got for y’all. Sorry foir rambling, but it HAS been a year, and I kinda missed you guys.

I remember teaching you Blitzkampf at Final Round a few years back, you have a good pad Gief in ST. Looking forward to seeing what you put up in the sale thread.

Is this the chick who made that Gief tattoo? If so, i think your better off without her…

cool ever gonna pay srk back all that money people lent you or get rid of that horrible tattoo

Go to Evo.

good to see some things never change. No, it wasn’t the same chick who gave me the tattoo. Sig, you’re still a prick.

You know the rules, you need to post up pics, so Warlock can put another character select screen…

No one can ever quit SRK; SRK has to quit you.

Thats where your mistake is. Females like assholes. They’ll stick around if you’re a dickhead.


So your coming back to beg for money again?

jesus. Must I explain this shit AGAIN for the morons?

  1. My mother fucked up the finances real bad and I asked for help. ASKED and HELP being the operative words.
  2. SRK helped. I have since helped out others when possible myself.
  3. you’re still a dick too. good to see you again as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, and I don’t see myself begging for money here. I made this post to explain why I was gone for a year, and to SELL MY SHIT. I don’t think SELLING MY SHIT constitutes begging.

At least he’s selling stuff.

Edit: FB beat me. Though that’s contrary to in ST now :arazz:

it is been a long time

welcome back

You are still favorite type of shooter.

we love you fatherbrain

For someone who is so strapped for cash you sure do a lot of dumb things like getting yourself fired. Maybe you should give up on the twinkies and mcribs and turn your life around brother.

fatherbrain actually does have a very good gief.

^Too bad he didn’t use that experience to Final Atomic Buster that cow he was with unless this is a diff chick I’m thinking of

anyways wb fb :tup:

gimme my mvc 2 back!!!