It's been a while...


Yeah, I’m back. My last computer died, and I never got around to picking up a new one until last week. I lost everything I had on my old computer, and although I didn’t have much good work done, it’s all gone, and that pisses me off. So, I’m in bad need of an avatar.

Anything with Cammy will do. This is open to everyone. Thank you.:smiley:


Man… i hate it how the image in photoshop looks different in imageready… i save it in photoshop and it looks like the one in imageready which looks worse than it already is…:bluu:


Nah bro, your work has always kicked ass. This one I like the best. However, since I have premium membership, if you want to go back and try something else and work within the 40k limit, then go right ahead. I’ll hold onto this one for now.

Unless of course, the mods have a problem with my getting two avatars?


well the only way i can do a 40k avatar is like only doing the full animation…:sweat:


Excellent!:smiley: I’ll hang onto this one. Thanks again.


heh… whops… my bad… i didnt even noticed i covered up the cammy shadow on that one…

fixed one: