Its been fun (going to Iraq)


I will be deploying to Iraq in January for a year so if I dont get the chance to say it again its been fun guys. Im going to try to make at least one more tourny before I leave but I dont know if it will happen or not. Thanks to everyone and I do mean everyone, Peachy, Gon, Paris, Robert, Will, Ric, Row, Sean, Mandel, King, Ryan, Rat, Cody and everyone else thanks for everything. Although I may have seem like I had a short temper I really did have fun playin games. So in case I never get to say it before I deploy, Peace Out guys and I hope to see you in a year.


Shit, good luck man. Hope you stay safe.


Good luck man, make it back with everything attached and in working order, y’hear?


Good luck Devin. Be safe. As safe as you can be I suppose. **


good luck to you Devin, hope to see you again.


Return to Bagdad!

I don’t know you but God Bless on the trip and stay my Boy from Portland is getting Deployed in January as well.


Man it has been a while since I last saw you, but I am sure we will see each other again. We had some good times together at tournaments and all the other times, thanks for driving to Portland and always just being at tournaments it was always good to talk to you. Good luck to you next year. :slight_smile:


Wow… it’s a pattern. Another friend of mine who’s in the Army currently in Hawaii is also going to Iraq in January. Sucks.

Good luck.


Good Luck

Yea it’s been fun having u apart of Team Athena. Look I have bravely stayed with my avatar for all these months! (Cuz too lazy to get a new one…PEACHY! j/k)

Good luck and do wut u got to do and come back safely.


Kill sadam god damnit! someone has to. And buy me a llama.


good luck…

saw uw post…hope everthing goes as planned