It's been nearly two months


Where is the Evo DVD? I hope it’s not gonna be like 2002


Somethings up… :confused:


yeah, it’s been quite a while… I almost forgot about the DVD, hopefully it will get done soon. Like before christmas sounds good to me.


Same here. I couldn’t wait for its release for awhile, and now I tend to completely forget about it until a friend mentions it. Hopefully a release before Christmas will become a reality.


Oh damn, it wasn’t avalible at Nor Cal Regionals :frowning:



atleast to hold everyone off for the dvd

the trailer needs to come!..right…now


its been nearly two months since this thread was made.


The DVD is at the duplicator, and as soon as they complete the order, we can start selling them (estimated time 2 more weeks).


Mr. Wizard:

Awesome :slight_smile:


it’d be nice if it would be nice if the shipments arrived before christmas, once the orders are taken…:smiley:


great news

any idea if a trailer will be released?


That’s great news. Hopefully I’ll be able to order mine and have it in time to watch for Christmas. A trailer would be nice, but if all goes as planned and the DVDs are available in the next two weeks, then I can do without one.


Yes, a trailer will come out before the DVD goes on sale.


one more week to go!


a few more days…:eek:


the suspense is killing me:cool:


Hey Mr Wizard…
dont i get a DVD for placing at evo? :slight_smile:


is shoryuken gonna hook it up?
i didnt get shit for 4th… :frowning:


:sweat: :sweat: :sweat:


:bluu: :bluu: :bluu: