It's been ten years already?

I joined this site exactly ten years ago?

What the fuck happened man?

If you just joined this site now be warned!!! Get out while you can!!! Don’t let the power of Srk consume you!!!

That being said, this has to be the longest relationship I have ever been in.

Fuck, it make this a thread to all of us who have given this site a whole decade, love Mcribs, and play street fighter drunk.

I dont know how long ive been here, I hate mcribs, and I dont play street fighter (or any fighting game) anymore. This place is still cool though.

To be frank, not sure why I even use this site at all. I guess it’s just something to do.

Fairly sure that is a bannable offense sir.

I think a majority of us on GD either play Cod, visual novels, or those so called Western RPG’s. Or with ourselves, while playing visual novels.

You’re even cooler. Do you wanna hang?

Lits a ciggarette
I’ve been around for over 5 years…10 years huh? Here’s to 10 more, SRK (toasts with beer bottle)

Gay code for Magnum xl’s?

been around 10 years too

i think i’ve been on this site at least once per day for the last 10 years. i miss the old flame wars and the religion threads

its been 8 years :eek:

Y’all niggas old.

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You know what they say

You know, when I saw my 10 year anny creep up for frequently used sites, GameFAQs - 11+ and here, 10 years at the end of May, I got to thinking.
I’ve spent more than 33% of my life reading these websites.

Damn. Congrats to you, old man. From: another old man >=|

fuck, over 8 years…

i’ve been here almost since the start. There’s millons of other forums but this is still the only one i go to.

I’ll have been here 9 years in December. Its kind of an on and off kind of thing. I’ve noticed my periods of greatest activity coincide with my unemployment.
Really, the question is not, how long have you been here? but, how long has it been since you cared about FGD?

If there was SRK bingo, “old school circle jerk” would probably be the center square.

With the advent of the front page is there even a need for fgd with the exception of the occasional thread devoted to the updated version of Bird Fighter or DFO(which I just barely realized now has the Thief)

I am not that old. just been around for a long-ass time since fkn dialup and when online play was “invented”(kaillera). I signed up around 2k3 but still knew about “b4 tourneys”(before it was called evo). watched footage of valle cracking skulls in alpha2 and stuff:nunchuck:

7 years here. Remember when we could actually flame people ?

oh was up here before the 01 change, once that happened i just lurked for a while it was fun times!