It's boring now everyone plays as Vergil



The title says it all. I mean, yeah, he’s a great character & all, but I miss the hype that used to be in Marvel. You know, now that everyone chooses Vergil, I barely pay attention to upcoming tournaments & streams when I know everyone’s gonna have at least either Doom or Vergil on their team. I’m just tired of seeing the same things over over again. For those who play Vergil, I’m not bagging on you guys at all. I mean, personally I used to play Vergil. Now I play Wesker Ironman & Spencer. It’s just… I miss the hype you know? whatever happen to Noel Brown playing Wolvie, Frank & Wesker? And the other day I just saw Clockwork play as Vergil on point. I’m just tired of it. I don’t mean to hate on the character, I like Vergil. He’s Strong, fast and a great anchor. I just want the hype that Marvel used to have…


While I agree that it’s somewhat boring that everyone picks Doom and Vergil, this isn’t exactly new. These two characters (especially Doom) have been picked over and over since the game first came out; it’s just even more frequent now. They have never been “hype”.

That said, your switch to Wesker and Spencer is ironic, given your complaint.


I know how you feel. I love playing Vergil and finding out new combos and tech. I don’t like watching anchor Vergils or Vergils that don’t really maximize their combos, but the ones that do, i love it. For the very reasons I don’t like watching Vergil people actually come up with some stereotype of Vergil players and I have become very active to get rid of that stigma whenever I play Vergil and it’s also one my motivations, if you will, to keep playing this game.


I think Maximillian hit it on the head when he said that MvC3 is in the same place now as MvC2 was 10 years into the game. People are starting to find the best characters to win tournaments, and utilizing the best tech for those characters. I don’t agree that there isn’t any more hype because there is a lot of stuff still be be found about MvC3. Like I found out the other day that Viper is considered top tier even though she’s never won a major ( that I know of). We may get to the point where you only see three teams in a tournament like the days of MSS and MSP, but the way that this game is, it isn’t a likely thing.


Like how everyone picked MSP in MvC 2
or Cable or Sentinel.
Theres always those character that will always be on someones team in any game.
If anything im not too surprised…
-Late response


I’d have to look it up… But I’m pretty sure MarlinPie has a major win under his belt somewhere: his team is Viper, Doom, Amaterasu.


Vergil is a slightly better in every way anchor over wesker due to the range on his sword and his lvl 1 spiral sword super. Wesker’s assist is used for combo extension, but vergil’s assist can be used much in the same way (just a little harder to work into combos, but once you figure out how to extend there’s no reason to use wesker anchor except for unblockable setups, but vergil’s assist has more use in the nuetral game).

If you want to see variety in this game wait until snapping in anchor vergil becomes as common as snapping in phoenix, then people might balance their team better (assist as anchor, user as #2) and I believe vergil is fairly balanced as a 2nd character (bad on incoming) and actually takes some skill so people might end up dropping him if he is forced into a 2nd position and always gets snapped and killed as anchor.