"It's dangerous to go alone!"- Zelda: Wind Waker for WiiU


Looks like there’s going to be a fully-fledged HD remake of Wind Waker coming to the WiiU. I have no objections. This game looks beautiful. The cel-shaded, over saturation of the colors just looks gorgeous.






Set to release around Fall 2013.




Tis’ exactly my reaction.

I can’t wait to see dungeons like Fire Mountain play out in this game.


Fuck dat, they better add some content, I don’t want to rebuy a bright ass version of a gamecube game…

More like “ZZZZZZZZZ”… I can pass on this one…


I beat Wind Waker more than a year ago on the dolphin emu. A phenomenal game that still looks better than some games today…for some reason I don’t see a point in a remake. The fact that those screens hint at fully 3d models makes me feel like they killed the essence of Wind Waker. If I had a WiiU I’d play it out of curiosity and I guess it’s great for people who hated the cell shaded look and skipped out on it.


I’ll save judgement on the looks until I see it in motion. Wind Waker was the same, I judged the game like others as being lame but once I started seeing the game in motion and the number of animations and facial expressions I fell in love with the style which I believe is the best cel shaded game in gaming history, even better then the recently released Ni No Kuni.

They mentioned rebalancing the game, I wonder what if any changes they can do with it. Most people had problems with the sailing being so slow and lack of islands/things to do and the dungeons (Supposedly they left one out of the game that led to the horrible Tri Force treasure hunt). Honestly I hope they find a way to sneak Demise from Skyward Sword into the game.


[S]Zelda thread.[/S]

EDIT - Disregard the above.

Anywho, though I’ve a soft spot for the Wind Waker, I’m not keen on playing it again.[S][/S]


I can’t imagine it being a straight remake of the game and nothing more. This is Nintendo, not Capcom we’re talking about. I have faith that they’ll either keep our interest with a decent amount of new content, or they’ll add little new content and slap a price tag well below standard retail on it.

I’d be more excited over the first than the latter, but either way I’m happy to see something involving Zelda be done on this system.
However if they were doing this with Majora’s Mask, it would be an insta-buy for me.


Nintendo. Add Hero Mode from Skyward Sword. Tighten up the Parry Window. Reinsert the cut dungeons.



Uh, I wouldn’t bet on that.

Nintendo hasn’t been keen on supplying new content on their remakes recently.

For example, Star Fox 3DS and Ocarina of Time 3DS. Aside from the graphical upgrade (and changes to the input tutorial), it’s the same game. Same with classics like Super Mario All-Stars or the GameCube Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Or the GBA Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening DX (which each just got one extra, but really short dungeon);

Actually, The only remakes I can think of with significant new content was Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, but the makers, Game Freak, are really a 2nd party developer.

So I wouldn’t expect much more than the HD graphical upgrade. Especially since they are also working on the new Zelda for Wii U at the same time. New shit will go towards that game.


Well the 3ds version got the dungeon reshuffle mode and boss rush mode too. Also, how many people got the GC version of Ocarina of Time since it was only a promotion for when Wind Waker first came out?


mmmmm… don’t like that realistic water in that one screenshot
it looks like some begginer 3d model type stuff


there are doing it to see if to test waters for toon link, remember toon link was hated for looking different

i am guessing the next zelda maybe a bit toonified if this goes well


No they are using it to test the waters for what the Wii-U can do.


Maybe fix the dumb glitches that allow for the retarded speed runs.


I remember getting to the Tower of the Gods Boss, holy shit dat OST.
I think his name was Gohdan?


i think not
because they arent doing it for just zelda
earthbound the series is getting a rerelease aswell
testing if people are interested in the series

i am going to buy THE HELL out of that


Nintendo sure loves making remakes


i would to i made ludicrous amounts of new content for such a long period of time
( they dont make as many remake as your comment suggests)

i am going to get to new fire emblem


They’re suppose to be doing a re-make and a new Zelda game as well as the re-make of Wind Waker for the Wii-U.