It's funny because I do pretty decent fights against good players


I’m ranked C I play ryu or evil ryu (most often ryu), against “good” players (B or above) i do pretty decent fight, I lose all the time but more than often I manage to win one round or to take almost all his energy to my opponent in the two rounds he wins, i am able to block cross up quite well, i’m not very good at punishing though, because i suck at combos, but i know when to try a hit so that it has a great chance to land etc, i know far from all but some tactics with every characters in game so I have always a clue of what to do in each match up.


Against those who have pretty much my level or are even below, I am lost, I never know what to do because there seem to have no common sense in their game. They do stupid attacks that are so risky they’d lost 50% of their energy if they played against a good player, but I, considering I suck at punishing and comboing, i just land few hits then dont know what to do, and usually my hits are not combo so they just do a special in my face (ken spamming fire shoryu that goes in between two light punches… such a joke).
They jump everywhere with no real purpose, they only do high kicks and high punches, and always put you on the ground with a when the can, and when you get up you wait for a cross up or a fake focus or something, no, just a stupid fire shoryu (in case of ken) which even if you block is amost unpunishable cause the block recovering is so long he has already landed…

So how am I supposed to beat those unpredictable noobs please tell me if you have a clue


Your problem is that your fundamentals aren’t up to par. The best way to tell if you’re really out of the beginner stage and heading onwards to mid and higher level play is that you’re able to blow up the shenanigans of lower players consistently. (It sounds like a captain obvious fact but it’s something that a lot of new players tend to gloss over.)

If you’re getting eaten up by jump-ins, then your problem seems to lie in your execution (the ability to react to a midair assault such as using a Shoryuken to intercept a jump-in.). However, a bigger problem that most players face is that they just can’t seem to get the positioning correctly, especially with characters that have different anti-airs for different situations (such as Guile, or Dhalsim.).

The best remedy for both of these is hitting up training mode.You can utilize the recording function in order to play out a scenario where lets say Ryu is coming in on you with a jumping forward. Using this, you can take the time to move your character around the level a bit, find the sweet spot where you can counter the move, and then finally getting the execution necessary to complete your task. I know, it’s repetitive and boring; but there isn’t a magical workaround to it.

You can do the same thing when it comes to punishing things. You can just record Ken doing a fierce shoryuken and just mess around with your available options to try and show the other beginner players that you won’t be having that and you have the technology and knowledge to blow that shit up.

Again, for combos, you’ve gotta hit up training mode (in tandem with a few bnbs that you are likely to find on this very site.) and just grind them out. And once you have a few of those under your belt, put two and two together, and now you find yourself punishing things with full combos, making people think again before they
input that srk motion. But if they don’t, take the win and keep on moving.

When it comes to fighting an opponent as well, it’s not all about punishing and comboing either. Once you understand how your character operates (a quick glance around the character specific forums and videos will give you a general idea of this.) a nice plan would be to find a good set of pokes that can put you in a desirable situation where your character operates best (stuff like Dictator’s standing forward.) and stops your opponent from getting into their comfort zone.

One final, but very important part of playing Street Fighter as well concerning “random” tactics you might see people use. In fighting games in general, it’s not only a battle between the animated characters onscreen, but a mental one with the player as well. In order to prevent yourself from getting figured out, or “downloaded” you’ve gotta take some risks to make your opponent second guess themselves. If you’re watching EVO at all this weekend, you’ll see players do some strange things that will throw people for a loop and have the crowds exclaiming “what the fuck?” because they’re so obtuse. However, you’ve can’t let these situations get to you. Shit happens, whether people like eating a random wake up ultra when they were so sure their opponent respected their oki or not. It’s all just apart of the game.

I don’t usually write tips that often so let me know if this is a bit confusing and I can try to clarify it a bit for you. Hope this helps.

Winning once in awhile doesn’t prove much. You have to take in all factors. Anywhere from chip damage, command grabs, projectiles, unblockables, safe moves, character match ups, no full counter, ultras things that even a veteran player may have to second guess at times that if were not there you wouldn’t stand a chance in hell. Not to mention the guy probably didn’t play or know you to be able to read you with ease and remember your patterns. It’s like playing a FPS game, at times when you join randoms the only way to stand out is to pull the entire weight of the team and beat another team with players who know each other. These noobs your talking about, if anything they are better than you, are you saying a pro is suppose to be predictable, if they truly are noobs its your fault for not proving it to them.


Some people claim the game is balanced that there are no situations you have to second guess but hey, what do they know. As is, the most you can do is just truck through second guessing or play it safe.

To expect any fixed method from someone is to be at the most ignorant possible state of mentality. You have in your mind set that you could’ve done something but you didn’t and you deserved to eat shit as you will at the time.

What separates a person from playing with the big boys is knowing that you have to take action during the match and not be some deluded fan girl pretending you won in your mind after the match is already over just to play over and over again only to get hyped when you win once in awhile.

“There are those who do and those who don’t.” Perfect input, that should never be a problem, go online know what you could’ve done better, don’t waste time in tutorial mode, the best practice is online if you already know the input.

Two humans playing the same game, are you expecting special treatment or something to win? From the sounds of it the lower ranks have little grasp on the game while higher ranks have a fixed way of playing because they lack confidence to do much else and are not as good as you may think. If you enjoy winning once in while good for you, if that’s not enough who do you think you are to complain about not being better.

Thank you SSRagna, that’s some bit of advice :wink: I’m getting better and better but I’m still stuck in adapting fast to other people’s strategy. I played infinite against a player of my level, or just a little higher, because he adapted faster than me, took him only 2 or 3 games to read all my gameplay while I needed around 10, so I lost quite some times then the game started to be more even (he was yun and I ryu) but I still lacked some reaction time and some placement abilities it seems. Then he changed character and since it was a more common matchup for me (he took zangief) I read his game faster and managed to beat him quite some times before he came back to his first pick (yun). But then it was like I had lost all my experience from the first set of fights and I had to readapt all over again. Of course it took less games than earlier but still that leads me to think that I need a better memorizing of matchups.
Anyways thank you for the tips, you might see me around soon for another issue :stuck_out_tongue: