Its Going Down In Jackson, Mississippi September 12, 2009

We have only a lil more than a month before the tourney guys, hope you all are as HYPED and READY for some good actions as well as I am…

I think I may be booked that day. But if I’m free, I’ll be sure to swing by =D

Thanks yo, I’m gonna do my best to try to get off work so I can come by yours as well, hope to see you there.

Only about a month away now guys.

Bring all of your friends to this.

Good games last night Kyoji. Hopefully we’re all getting better!

To Kyoji:

Please change your tournament thread title to “its going down in the sip Jackson, MS” so that more people close by will know where this tourney is taking place!

I talked to Vicevirtuoso and we both agreed that barely anyone knows what “the sip” is, so if we didn’t imagine all the potential people who could come not knowing what the heck it means! This is also part of the SRK posting rules in the sticky about posting tourneys.

I think it’s a reasonable request. :slight_smile: Still looking forward to it!

Also, will there be a possible chance to change the system for MvC2 from dreamcast to one of the next gen systems, or are you going to stick with the DC? This is more of a general question for everyone else since I’m not a fan of Marvel, but I figure this would be a concern for the people who compete in it.

Thanks for the putting that out there and it HAS BEEN CHANGED. Yeah we probably will play mvc2 on the ps3, I was talking with ido and I think he’s gonna get it on the ps3 once it comes out but if he doesn’t then I’ll download it and have all the characters unlocked(if we have to unlock them) by time the tourney is here. Looking forward to seeing alot of you guys and friends at the tourney. There’s nothing like Great competition right there in your face rather always playing online, Later.

No need to unlock anything. I’ve got the 360 version and it’s all there from the start. :tup:

It looks like we need to get a NOLA caravan together for this, Stone.

I know man, we’ll start planning about this stuff sometime tomorrow or the next week. :slight_smile:

Gotta figure out which hotels are cheap and stuff so we can make it out there that night. X_X

I will be there… How many people u expect for Sf4?

I think he said sf4 wouldn’t start till 4pm. If that’s the case I was just thinking about leaving Nola around noon and then drive back after. It’s only 2.5hr drive. But yeah we’ll all discuss it later.

Bet, bring that along with your Blazblue and I’ll take care of you.

The cheapest hotels within the area which are in good areas are the red roof inn and motel 6, don’t think they will be no more than $40 bucks.

I think SF4 will be our biggest turnout so I may start that one first depends the number that sign up at the door so you guys may wanna get there early just in case.

Come in early guys so you can go ahead and register cause like I said SF4 may be out biggest game turnout so we may do it early depending on the number of people there and each game.

I was hoping for a PS3 version of Marvel instead of the 360. Doesn’t EVO use PS3 for everything? Tekken will also be on PS3 only so it may just be easier that way(plus I only have a PS3 stick, lols).

Your tourney though so it’s up to you man.

If it’s shareable I’ll give you Marvel when you come to the house and practice next.

me and my crew will be there to take over marvel.
Sign me up
Keep marvel on dreamcast were it belongs,also i’ll post later who else is coming once i know for sure.

Btw patrick=former mvc2 player my ass lol u know full well u can never leave that crack! Let’s have some fun casuals if u show.

btw if u not running marvel on dreamcast then at least run it on ps3 and not the 360 lol i can provide a dreamcast and game if needed be.

Hope to see you and some more guys there Lord Jas and marvel vs capcom 2 will be running on the ps3. Also to everyone, I did a slight change in the registration fee to kind of help out seeing that we are going to have alot of guys coming in from out of town and seeing that this is our first ever tourney here in the state. The will be an $10 registration fee instead of $ 20, that way it won’t be such an huge tow on people’s pocket seeing that they already have to drive a long ways to help support us. I hope this helps out with everyone and that they still plan to come down so we can have some fun. Also I have a friend that is more than willing to come and bbq or do like an fish fry so we can get food from her to help with food but she “WILL BE SELLING THE PLATES” if you all are cool with that. In a way that will keep everyone from going out to get food from different places cause I think the nearest eating place is like 10-15 minutes out depending on how traffic is cause its the most busy shopping area in town and traffic can be a major bummer there or we could all get together and order pizza from pizza hut whereas they deliver right to the place where we will be at. Its just a few thoughts, we have only 4 weeks away everyone, I know I’m Hyped and Ready, hope you all are as well. Another thing I noticed is that I’m unsure of how many people will sign up for each game that is going to be there guys so I’m asking that everyone of you all that plans to attend to please be there early to register so we can determine what games to play first. If its not a large number within certain games then I may just throw that game out so we can move on with the tournament and onto the bigger games. I’m hoping there’s a huge turnout for each but sometimes there’s more people interested in certain ones as well so if you all can please show up early cause I don’t wanna take up no more of your time than I have to guys.

I would like to go but i don’t have a ps3 stick, if anyone would be willing to let me borrow for my games let me know.

Most tourneys you’ll be able to borrow a stick if you ask at the tourney, that shouldn’t be a big problem.

Big thanks on lowering the price, that shit was making people I know go “omg, $30 for a non-major no thanks” but this will help quite a bit.

Is there going to be casuals the night before, if we get into town the night before I want to practice a bunch of stuff. :slight_smile:

Ah nice. Hopefully I will be able to make it, It all depends on testing schedule though.