It's good to see you back, SRK Forums

Hi all, it’s good to see the FGC Library of Alexandria back.

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Hey everyone. While I’m working on the next steps of the plan the forums will remain open for convenience’s sake. Please don’t abuse it and I’ll have more to say real soon.


This has been the really random incident of the day for sure LOL


I’ve missed you guys.

Still checked here occasionally even though it has been locked for a long time and I kind of never expected them to be sudden unlocked

Umm Hello?

What’s up?

Everyone over at megashock now. But Im happy this place is back even if its a ghost town. SRK always been the first in my list of bookmarks. Was weird not having it there.

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I was kinda hoping this place stayed dead.

Didn’t realize till I left how toxic SRK was.

Yeah, and now your on megashock and its just as toxic. lol

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Suck my dick.

It would be better if we had access to the general discussion stuff from before the first purge…also, I’m still around. Anybody pull a permanent fade in the last 6 years? Million?

no problem, you can happily and easily fuck off bro.

I need a Discord invite to the SRKGD server.

I was left on the outside looking in when the forums shut down.