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Dive kick strategies. Let’s hear them.

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Mostly, jump back roundhouse on anticipation. I don’t think Law has many good anti-air options in general. MK slide to get under and Jump back Roundhouse are your best options.


after watching ncr and being mention in another forum but if you block a high dive kick from rufus you can beat out the next move with jab/ jab pressure. chris G was doing it all through out the tournament against rufus players. you just got avoid the low hitting dive kicks.


There aren’t many options, and that’s about the best choice when you’re grounded. I throw out a st.lp early sometimes just to trade. Beats all the pressure from blockstrings if you just eat the dive kick and try to get a lp in afterwards.

Oh, there’s always f+hk+hp for the counter if you have meter. Also, EX FFR has 16 frames of invincibility, that might be worth a shot if things are really bad.


Is there a way I can send you write ups and you will update the spoiler section of each character with one of my write ups


Pms or post here.


I feel like a handicap against Hugo because of the armor move. c.hp xx super drops off Hugo and Vega so far if you do it off a bind state. the last animation didn’t complete.

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I feel the same. Whenever I play against Hugo I try to let Juri fight him at least until I build some meter. Without meter I feel like Law cant do much once Hugo gets close to him.


It’s the damn armor. Spin kick might be able break it out but I’m not sure if it’s fast enough

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yea im have trouble fighting characters with armor moves like hugo, mardark and king…


Law really can’t challenge armor in my experience so far, just have to avoid it and be more patient. If you’re down on life, I don’t really know what to do. I will say though that you should practice anti-air against Hugo’s splash with Law’s sweep.


I have only found two options against armored moves. One is magic series. st. lk is a good poke and if you suspect he is going to use armored moves you can chain it right into st. mk and go from there. The other is to hit him with a crossup (Hugo specific) because if he’s charging that move and you cross him up, he will either eat it and whiff, backdash into your crossup, or forward dash into your crossup. I try to dash at the same time I suspect the Hugo will be charging that lariat to bait pokes/jump-ins and surprise them.


You can also cancel a normal into one of Law’s EX specials with invincibility or super armor. Magic series does work good though.

I’ve been having luck with EX dragon charge to anti-air non-cross up Hugo splashes as well. He will always hit you high up so you won’t have to worry about him landing in time to grab or hit you again. It always seems to hit landing frames too, so you can get good damage.