It's kind of hard

for East Coast to win Evo, Triforce if you don’t send them all out. Oh wait, you can’t because your dad doesn’t sponsor Empire Arcadia anymore is it? You’ve already lost the Golden Child Justin Wong, and just recently Arturo. How do you feel about this?

I cant read that? It hurts my eyes!

I changed first post just for you guys not using black

I believe in the glove, man!

Is there some sort of turf war each year the winniner of evo takes over the majority of the middle fraction between east and west side?
I don’t really see the big deal, just go and win in a tournament and praising someone for playing games is rather… lame.

Stupidity defiantly. I wouldn’t count laughing at stupid people as hilarity. Sounds like a bunch of dishonorable drunken militia keeping away other folks.

This isn’t about turf wars or anything, I’m more EC than WC if anything. It’s just Triforce is a goldmine of hilarity and stupidity.

this is more about dick pics and cybering

"I use my manhood like a silver arrow, and pierce your body as if you were a Gannon stunned by my magic sword…

u there?"

man, im glad i didnt rely on triforce to get to evo, it was p fun

triforce belongs in a mental asylum

I heard they are going to have another Bleach meeting to talk about it

If you can’t woo that special lady over the internet with 1-way cybering there is always an alternate solution…

Try Force.

[media=youtube]srwSRsfeDQI]Tournaments are overrated. Look at 3:20ish for unleash the beast. But that [url=[/media] group seem like a respectable bunch with a passion to do what they love.

ooooh god that’s fucking awkward

What’s that german word which means “feeling ashamed for others” again

If you mean “happiness at the misfortune of others”, then you’re thinking of schadenfreude.

Nono, I mean feeling the shame of a third party

Interesting thread I hope, we will see what these next few pages bring.

Fremdschämen :rofl:

Remember when East Coast rode the coattails of Justin Wong?

I only wonder how Princess Daisy feels now.

more fodder



Princess Daisy -Wife of Triforce