It's kinda sad, really

No matter how good this game is, no matter how much it sells, no matter how much good reviews it get…

…it’ll still be viewed as a “-lite” game that fighting game “fans” will ignore out of spite, what with the negative connotations already given to it, and that all of the players are automatically viewed as Smash babies.

PS: PC is more hardcore than 360 and PS3 can ever imagine. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think we needed a full topic for this, really.

You could have posted that in the TvC:UaS thread to same effect.

I mean do we really need a whole discussion about this?

Ah my bad then. I dunno, I just had this strange sentiment when I read them comments at various threads in SRK.

Anyway, if you think this ain’t worth it, yeah, please close.