Its like burying your son

Dear Q

I know we have been together for over 3 years… but I’ve met someone new. Shes much more flexible and allows me so many more options. She just feels more fluid… I don’t know Q, you just always seem so rigid and stiff. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile. Its true Q, I’m leaving you for Ibuki.

But don’t think I’ve forgotten the good times. The days we used to spend together at the cade… the faces we smashed and the fireballs we supered through. They never saw it coming. The memories are fond. But now… I need to start thinking long term… and you just aren’t the man I want to spend the rest of my life with…

Sorry Q, its over.

And stop calling me. I know its you because I can hear you breathing.

Saddest Dear John Q letter I’ve read in months. =(

that last line was gooooooooooooooold!


That was touching.

that was genius i tell you.

EPIC WIN. :lol:

Guess it’s not just some coincidence that there’s a sudden surge of interest in the Ibuki forums. People using really crappy characters need to find a somewhat crappy character instead.

you sure are lucky that after 3 taunts Q cant even comprehend your verbal insults, let alone be offended.

How the hell do you go from Q to Ibuki, lol. Couldn’t get much more different than those two.

Q is power ranger!

Everyone leaves him eventually.

So Im guessing you’re a bisexual?

Yeah I didn’t really think about it at the time. But they are possible the most polar opposite characters in the game.

She is really, really fun though. And after 3 weeks of intensive Ibuki play I have caught up to where I was with 3 years of Q. In fact already beating some players I couldn’t beat with Q.

You’ll be back.
They always come back.

“… … … … (Yes they do)”

Lemme tell ya, no chance will I come back. Boom!

With the help of xbl, I feel it coming too:shake:

I ring Q up for booty calls sometimes but its rare Ibuki can’t give me what Q can. Its pretty much what I thought it would be, there just much more to master with Ibuki.

Ibuki doesn’t have C&DB >:(

I’m going to go ahead and say that CnDB really drops off in high level play. No matter how good you are with it, its hard to land on skilled players who can see it coming.

I’ve met people who can react to seeing it and jab or jump out of in time to escape. You can still use it occasionally in high level play, but only if you’ve really conditioned your opponent to expect otherwise, so that he has to overcome his expectations as well as his reactions in order to escape it, and that usually takes too long for him to do anything about it.

I know…my brother can escape it on reaction and he sucks…

But it’s so fun :sad: