Its Offical... last characters,_akuma,_jin_and_ogre_round_out_street_fighter_x_tekken_cast

This didn’t need its own thread…

Plus Cody/Guy and Christie/Leo are confirmed DLC. Karin is also rumored DLC.

Bison/Lili for life.

this made news an hour ago… needed to be posted!/Yoshi_OnoChin/status/169588639364419584


Fuck Brelston, with that statement, he lost all his credibility of having a word around Capcom’s news.

Isn’t he one of the newest hires?

That was a short-lived career :rofl:

Yeah, but we were expecting for Jack X/Bryan and Dudley/Elena in the inital roster… It’s really disappointing.

We didn’t need a new thread for this.