It's Official! Clockw0rk vs Duc JR 1k Money Match will go down March 31st!


Thread of the Tournament location

This is all what we’ve been waiting for. Shit’s bigger than a Tyson/Lewis fight on PPV.

Time to hype this shit up. Im trying to find a cheap ticket to head there right now. LEts do this!.




Who fucking cares, seriously.

This shit with Marvel has gone waaaaaaaaaaaaaay past the hype stage and right into the land of pure stupidity, seriously.

But whatever, if the community is all for it, then RAPE HIS FACE CL0CKWORK.



He is the artist formally known as Duc Jr.



What can I said… Im a Hypebeast! IF it was Arcana Heart or MB:AC you would be hyped like a motha.:rofl:


i hope duc jr loses and throws his money on the floor.


clock looked really solid on the last tourney footage saw.


I’d kill to get some noteworthy Marvel heads into MB:AC, I’m positive they’d actually enjoy the game if they sat down with it.

But whatever.



no doubt… i like melty blood more than marvel lately


I haven’t seen DPC play in a long time. But back like a year ago, I remember he fucked up and did a ground HVB and my Strider got caught because I came from a teleport wanting to LK his face

Clockw0rk on the other hand plays nice.
I have my money on clockw0rk


i got my money on clock.

just dont wallclimb


ok… first of all, melty blood is just guilty gear for retarded otakus.

second… cal poly march 31st, will be the hypest shit ever


ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh fuck


PPV plzkthx


good shit jesse

you fuckin moron



good shit clock

good shit jesse

good shit clock


Someone please record

what is the match format?, First to 10?

I like DPC over clock tho.


Damn straight.

uses Team Clockwork


WOW this is retarded

whatever, raep each other so we can stop hearing about this shit