Its official MvC2 is back with online play!

Let the drooling begin.

commence srk explosion…now

Woooooooooooooooooooooo its mahvel baybee!!!

It begins.

can’t wait

this will bring a new breed of hate to the internet.

I don’t think we’re prepared.

:lovin: OH GOD YES!!!

When I saw the art I thought it was gonna be another HD Remix.

But who am I kiddin this is gonna be awesome as is!!!


is the countdown timer the same news or something different?

Online marvel is gonna lead to so many broken controllers!:lol:

Widescreen confirmed!

Lets Do It Baby Goodbye Dreamcast Forever!!!


…and widescreen! …right?


It’s Mahvel Baybee!!!

Superior Trailer: [media=youtube]sZZUMjoxfZA[/media]

Yeah the widescreen effect is nice, but did you guys notice that when you were hit and thrown you hit an invisible wall that would have usually been the end of the screen on a 4:3 TV? It’s like they just extended the levels but you still fight in 4:3 mode, if that makes sense.

Real widescreen support?

I love it.

Also, I, for one, love to know where this is going to lead…

…strait to MVC3.

I wanna take you for a ride!

Better have GGPO netcode too