It's official: SSF4 AE 2013 is gonna happen!

Just announced in PAX East!

Woo baby!!!

What should we expect? New stages? Finally that rebalancinggggggg

yes yes yes yes yes

I couldn’t care less about new stages. I’d much rather their time and effort goes into something more important.

Can’t say im that excited about an update for a game thats been out for 4 years. I was hoping for a new game but I guess Capcom r gonna wait for the next gen.

SF5 is a long ways away… SSF4 is “old” but is constantly changing, new tactics and characters are constantly being “discovered”. It’s very much still an open game full of possibilities.

And now we get a rebalancing which if well done will make the game even more fun, more characters will be tourney viable… all good stuff

i really hope its not just a re-balancing. SF4 needs a REAL update.

New Characters
New Stages
3rd Ultra

A real update will breathe new life into SF4 for about a year or two. Which will be enough time for Tekken X SF to develop. TxSF running its course will give Capcom some buffer time to adjust to the next-gen transition & make the best Street Fighter V possible.

Fuck you, Capcom. Everyone wanted Darkstalkers.

I might be wrong, but I don’t think the update will be ready by EVO. Seems more like Capcom wants SF4 to live all the way to EVO2014, which means they’re more than likely aiming to have SF5 at EVO2015.
Just a guess though…

I hope they understand that unblockables and the whole “Vortex” game is complete and utter horse shit and should be killed outright. Enough of losing to fraudulent Cammy, Akuma, Seth and Viper players because I hit the deck once.

In terms of Rebalancing. They need to understand they have a good game right now. The balance with everyone below the top 5 is sound. I want to see Cammy become less autopilot with EX CS and Akuma become less…Well…Akuma.

If you are getting killed by random Akuma players a patch isn’t going to help you win.

I’d add a few changes to the Replay channel.

I know right. The removal or alteration of safe, ambiguous and sometimes unblockable mixup won’t do shit man.

Online training mode.

I want unblockables removed. In terms of individual character changes there’s a ton of stuff that I can think of but universally I don’t think any char should have a hit-confirmable reversal DP that doesn’t require meter. Lower the reversal window out of block/hit-stun, keep it the same for wakeup. Buff the useless ultras. Increase meter gain for character who have good supers but need to waste EX meter for defense.

Just a balance patch please. No new stages or characters.

Random Akuma players don’t make their mix ups ambiguous enough and often follow predictable patterns. Akuma’s best mix ups are only good if you actually have the execution to make them work.

Like I said, if you are losing to random online Akuma players then a patch is not going to help you start winning because your ability to make reads or study mix ups is lacking. If you were playing Infiltration and getting blown up that’s one thing, but random online players don’t even come close to making their stuff ambiguous where a good player can’t tell what they are going to do.

I’d like to be able to see all my opponents costumes on PS3, that and a netcode update.

Balance, PSN costumes fix, netcode.

UMvC needs the update way more, kills me how that game is shoved aside in development because their marketing team sucked ass at promoting a game that could’ve piggy backed the god damn avengers movie.

I bought AE on PC through Steam and my only question is will PC players get the update at the same time?

Really basic stuff. Remove unblockables. Buff more characters, much for exciting to see characters made more competitive. Avoid nerfing imo, even characters that seem strong right now (Cammy, Akuma etc) will be balanced out a bit by unblockable removal, and buffing other characters should compensate enough. More important is interface / system changes.

Get rid of the delay / hotkey a button to reseting a round in training mode.
Add / update trials for all characters.
Add some new stages.
Make some new music.
Change the look of character select (I loved the Vanilla layout).
Change the way matchmaking works. When I finish a game allow me to push a button to go right back to a ranked lobby, I don’t need to go through all the screens again just to keep playing.

I’m not sure what else can really be done. We already have a huge roster, and although I welcome any additional characters, I understand others don’t feel the same way. I’m not sure how much longer they can squeeze SF4 and keep it going. I’m excited either way though.

I would love online training mode and a rematch button for endless.