It's official! & Summer Special too!

2004 marks the 15^th anniversary of STREET FIGHTER and by summer, UDON
will be publishing its 10^th issue of the acclaimed STREET FIGHTER comic book series! However, that is not all that UDON has in store for 2004.

With the success of the STREET FIGHTER comic, UDON is now planning to expand the Capcom comic line to include two more blockbuster Capcom titles DARKSTALKERS and RIVAL SCHOOLS! DARKSTALKERS, with its classic cast of horror-themed characters including MORRIGAN and FELICIA, has had a dedicated fan base for years, spawning anime OAVs, manga and countless other successful licensed products. RIVAL SCHOOLS, one of Capcoms most beloved 3-D fighting games, expands the STREET FIGHTER universe with a massive cast of new and familiar faces in a tale that is equal parts kung-fu and comedic high school drama. These two titles are planned to debut 4^th quarter 2004 as monthly on-going titles and will feature the same quality of artwork and storytelling as Street Fighter.

To promote the expansion of the Capcom comic line, UDON will be releasing a CAPCOM SUMMER SPECIAL comic exclusively for the San Diego Comicon. Much like the highly sought-after surprise hit STREET FIGHTER #0 of 2003, this special 32 page, full color comic will be available to attendees of the largest summer convention San Diego Comic-Con International. The book will contain three all-new original stories from the three respective Capcom titles: STREET FIGHTER (featuring a CHUN-LI story by Ken Siu-Chong, Arnold Tsang and Andrew Hou), DARKSTALKERS (featuring the origin of MORRIGAN by Ken Siu-Chong and Alvin Lee), and RIVAL SCHOOLS (featuring Street Fighter’s Sakura and her friends Hinata and Natsu in a story by Erik Ko and Omar Dogan). That means a full comic size of original story for the Capcom fans!!

Check out the cover and preview art!

A few things to add -

For those who cannot make San Diego Con, we are trying to arrange to see if we can get a few online retailers to carry this book. Will let you guys know the details.

And for those who speculates - this is NOT the secret project. NO. More to come, when we can announce.

ah! really cool, been waiting for Darkstalkers some time now

Love the cover for the Summer Special!

at least we people without the privilege of attending the con are not totally counted out, due to the fact that you’re trying to get online retailers to offer the comics :smiley: thanks

Maan that Chun Li cover is the booomb.

The DS cel shaded tech works really well and i think you could use that in the street fighter interiors right now also.

RS is looking nice as well. If anyone should take over SF the guy who drew the last 3 pages of number 8 should, not the back-up story artist.

Udon, you MUST get some online retailers to carry this. I’m a poor college student and can’t afford to go to San Diego


I’m in Australia so i gotta get it online,
but lately ive been forkin out $50AUD a comic (i collect foils only, soo shiny) which inc. postage, and im not made of money :depress:

Super sweet! I wish I could get my hands on it… :frowning:

Then again, my local comic book retailer had copies of SF #0

A few questions/comments:

a) I like Chun-Li’s outfit. Maybe Capcom will see it and put it in a future game…
b) Finally, we have confirmation that Rival Schools is indeed part of the Street Fighter storyline. (At least in the comic…)
c) I take it that Dreamwave lost the Capcom license as they were going to do a similar Summer Special (sans Street Fighter of course). Thank God as from what I read of the synopses, the storylines were going to be absolute crap. (We’re talking borderline Malibu SF comic here.)
d) Are you guys getting Mega Man too? Please tell me you are. If I see Mega Man in Junior High one more time, I’m going to personally destroy Dreamwave’s offices! (Not really…)

Ah, so RS and SF will be related in the Comic Book World! OWNAGE!

Yeah, that’s some sweet stuff, sadly I can’t go to the Con this year. I’ll get a copy of those books somewhere later on.

you read my mind udon,
i , for sure, wont be able to make it to the san diego convention. for a moment there, i thought i was going to hit up ebay for this special edition comic book :bluu: :mad:

please keep us updated!

oh yeah… that chun li cover kicks ass!:cool:

Ditto! Save one for me!!!

Street Fighter material is always up to par… but the Darkstalkers and Rival Schools art is SICK… awesome work from Omar Dogan!!

Looking pretty sweet!

Like others have already done, I must BEG you to do your best to get that Summer Special available from online retailers!!! PLEEAASE!! I’m a college student on the opposite side of the country from San Diego and can’t possibly make it there. Its great to know that you are still considering those like us who want to be there, but can’t.

Good job to the guys at Udon, and I can’t wait for the eventual unveiling of the big secret!

I know you guys will love what you see, coz we worked very hard on this summer special to make it look as good as the #0 last year. This is a full 32 page comic, with 25 pages worth of content.

I wanna ask you guys to do me a favor. Go to the newsarama site and post your responds there… while I know we are all talking about the book here, I need you guys to help and create more noise about these Capcom books out there in the comic world. Afterall, a lot of the comic readers and retailers do not know these properties, and they do look at the responses on the 2 big news sites (Newsarama and Pulse) to judge if a new book will be well received or not.

You can access the respective sites following these links:

Newsarama Page

The Pulse Page

What you might want to do, is to also take this opportunity to draw people to this SRK community, by putting something like:

visit - the best fighting game online community!

in your signitures when you post there.

Thanks in advance for all your help!!

That is the reason I need you guys to help on the posts on Newsarama & The Pulse. The more buzz we can create over this weekend, the better it is the chance that I can convince the bigger retailers to commit in this special program to offer the Summer Special. I can show them this SRK board link, but to them, we here will always be just the isolated group that they will not count on as the majority of their customers. If we can get a lot of good feedback in the public sites like NR & Pulse, then they think otherwise…

And to say thank you, let me show you guys some of the development sketches and dwgs that Omar did when is is training himself to do Rival Schools…

Shoma Sketch




I don’t think I can make the SDCC this year, but I’m hoping I can get a copy of this summer issue somehow. I really, really like Arnold Tsang’s artwork.

This is awesome! I’ll be bugging some people about this in hopes of them ordering the comic (as in retailers, that is).

Posted on both Threads using ‘Sano’ with a Capital S. Mission Accomplished.:wink:

Wow, that Rival Schools artwork is absolutely perfect!! Very much like the official art that was done for the original game by Capcom themselves!! - Thanks Omar Dogan and keep up the truly amazing work.:slight_smile: I cant wait to see Tiffany!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice style for Darkstalkers too, now all three titles seem to have their own unique look.

Wow, this looks EXCELLENT! I was wondering about a couple of things, though (and they are only mildly nit-picky, I swear!):

  1. Why is this called “Rival Schools” and not “Project Justice” or a more direct translation of “Shuritsu Justice Gakuen”?

  2. Why is it subtitled “Legion of Heroes” and not “United By Fate”?

Ah, great breaking news Udoneko. Thanks for the images and notice. That actually gave me more influence to check out the con this year. WIll you have the other items available, such as the TPB, posters, and issue 0’s? I’d love to pick these items up there and even meet some of the Udon gang.
And to all the speculators, too: I’ll be shamed to pipe up again with talk of comic not doing the series justice. Udon team is really expanding the fighting game universe and fleshing story to Capcom’s series. I’m ecstatic.