Its official..Yipes vs. Soo and Sanford vs. Row FT10 starting at a G!

We all want to see it and We all trying to Flip some Paper at the same time, so here it is…

Sanford has agreed to play Row FT10 on the stage at Evo worlds. EC will back atleast G and more if bets exceed it. Does Rowtron accept this challenge???

Yipes has also decide to make it official by stating he is going to “Earf this Nigga” Soomighty FT10 on stage, which will also be backed by a an East Coast G with room for more!
Does Soomighty accept this challenge???

Fall back.

Lets see how big this cake gets?




50 on soo. get at me






this is some heavy air here

too hype!

i’m all in up on both of these bets!

i got 100 on golden nismor vs the world. whos down?

o.0 good shit now let get hype! and hyphy while we at it =)

If I go to Evo east I may not make it to worlds. If I do. 50 on each of the east coast killas. Shit, I’m even down for paypal.


Waits on evo east footage:bgrin:

big match #3

ironIllan the illest vs D.HYO

No offense, but how is that a big match? Who is Illan?

Illan = one of the best IM (if not best, but its debatable) in America, but has yet to WIN anything.

that about sums it up.

Brandon vs. Jmar is definitely a bigger matchup currently in the works!

Um. So, if it’s a made-up bet and people aren’t emotionally/financially invested, I don’t know if it’s really going to be that great of a match. I don’t know if Row really cares about Sanford. Without personal money being on the line, it’s too easy to be sandbag-city. If you’ve ever watched Row as often as I have, you’ll quickly learn that it’s kind of hard to get him to realllllly care. He’s just kind of incredibly good enough that he’ll beat you anyways while still goofing off.

So I kinda think that part of this thread is dumb. Peeps in Seattle have other ways to feel good about themselves and their life. It’s not the end of their world if they lose at Marvel, it’s not the end of their world if people don’t think they’re better than ShadyK or Clock. It’s called Not Being a Life-Scrub, and that’s where Seattle wins. :tup:

I really don’t think this is that interesting of a bet. I don’t know why Row would care. If he’s still alive in the tournament at that point, it’s entirely possible that he might trade matches for a bit and then just sandbag the last set of matches. :wink:

Oh, I think Josh 360 vs Illan would be better. I don’t play IM anymore, and I only played IM that one time against Row at evo was because sanford asked me too. Even though IM suxorz -- Unless it’s in the hands of J360 or combofiend ^^


“earf this nigga”

Come on. If you waste a weekend or more travelling from Seattle to Evo, again and again, you guys are pretty hardcore. The “I don’t care” speech is not appropriate for people who travel for lots of big tourneys and/or post at srk.

Right. When was the last time you saw Row on SRK? How many tournaments has he been to in the past 4 years?

You wanna know why he goes to a tournament in Vegas? Because it’s in Vegas. Before that, right, no Row for ~2 years at Evo. So, no. Row might correct me here, but I know the cat about 10x more than you do, so please don’t waste my time telling me that Row is ‘pretty hardcore’. Pretty awesome, yes, but he sandbags in tournaments, let alone money matches that he’s not emotionally or financially invested in. :confused:

If I see him tomorrow, I’ll mention it, but until that point I can’t imagine that he cares. That’s just not how the Row I know works.