Its PK! Bair Spikin' that face : Lucas Thread

So , Its the Lucas thread.

Lucas , One of the higher rated characters in the game. Lucas comes sporting lots of tools and AT’s.
He has the most AT’s in the game. All you lucas players should be proud.

Discuss Strategies and etc.

Bair =<3

Lucas Term List :

  • PKF : PK Fire
  • PKT : PK Thunder
  • PKFr: PK Freeze
  • PKT2: The second part of the , when lucas hits himself.
  • PKWL: PK Waveland
  • PsiM : Psi Magnet
  • ZJ: Zap Jump
  • RAR: Reverse Aerial Rush
  • DAPKWL: Dash Assited PK Waveland
  • SHWBPKF: Short Hop Wavebounce PK Fire


Neutral A : 3 Hits 5/10

  • Great for pushing opponent away
  • Quick

I see this move (and has used) as a shield. For when opponent try to rush in or roll behind or even pivot grab. Seems it helps to kinda give you some space from their weenie rushing. Has decent priority. But the last hit seems to not connect soemtimes if over or around 45 -50% + .

Up Smash:
(Hit percentages coming soon)

  • Super Armor Upon Move coming out.
  • Fastest Kill Move
  • Minimum 50% KO (can be lower?)
    Only use when its guaranteed

**- Horrid delay if missed ( we all know what that means) **

Seriously , this move is one of the true punish tools lucas has.
The Move can kill at a 50% Minimum , which means quicker KO’s I have even
killed snake , lucario , MK , and Kirby at 40%.

Down Smash: 8/10
(Hit percentages coming soon)

  • Hits Both sides
  • Last 2 Hits seem to snap guard ( quote me?)
  • Good for EG , in some instances. (catches rolling opponents)
  • If missed opponent can get a free smash or throw depending who they are using.

One of lucas’ best tools for edge guarding , and jsut all around strategy.
It kills your opponents roll attempts , meaning if you know they are going to roll use D-smash, for the simple fact
it can hit behind, so when they try to roll through guess what surprise is waiting for them?

Forward Smash: 7.5-8/10

  • Reflector properties
  • Semi-Spammable
  • Can Kill at 50% minimum and Up

F-Smash is a very good attack being that it has reflector properties. It is spammable move also being
it comes out very quickly. Can also be used for edge guard and all around game for lucas.

*** I have reflected Charizard’s flamethrower w/ Lucas’ F-Smash 0_o ***
(Possibly situational)

**B- Moves:

Neutral B 7/10

-Great for Edge guard

  • Comes out fast.
  • Freezes opponents
  • Can be absorbed. (G&W / Lucas’ / Ness /etc.)
  • Vulnerable upon release and end.

Lucas’ PKFr is actually a great option to dig into your opponent.
They seem to fail to realize how quick this comes out.
One of the best option for edge guarding.

Forward B: 9/10

  • Fast
  • Great priority against rushing
  • Gives Lucas a bit of a safe point when move pushes him back
  • B-Stick
  • Nice damage

PKF… Man , I dare a Lucas player to play without using PKF. Just wont happen, PKF is the base of
his game. His PKF is very fast and kills rushers with ease. Also , PKF gives Lucas a bit of a backwards momentum boost; gives him his bit of safety. PKF also is a part of 4 or 5 of Lucas’ AT’s. Which means it is a viable resource for Lucas.

Down B: 6/10

  • Hits opponent like a smash
  • Great Knockback
  • Absorbs projectiles ( Pits arrows , and other energy stuff)

Id say this is a pretty decent pressure move. I sometimes use it when know opponent is gonna try to wait on me to charge. I throw this out in front and I tend to get them on a 50/50 chance before they can attack me. Guess what you have the knock back now , I usually follow up with a SHRAR or F-Air.

Up B: 8/10




U-Tilt: 5/10



D-Tilt 6/10



F-Tilt 8/10




Neutral Air:** 8/10


  • Grabs Things thrown (i.e Bananas )
  • Removes Pikmin
  • Great against rushing
  • Can Link into F-Tilt when SH’d.


B-Air 11/10

  • The Ultimate… nuff said.
  • Fast! Spikes… Meteors on Sweet spot



Up Air** 5/10



Down Air 4/10



Forward Air: 4.5-5/10



Other Notes:

  • Lucas is still a bit stubby be careful.
  • Lucas’ pivot grab… use it.
  • Can duck some most projectiles. ( on certain istances)

**Combos: (coming soon)[/B

  • Dthrow -> Utilt -> Uair

Lucas Advance Tactics:**

**** Most of Lucas’ AT’s involve the use of b sticking. Lucas benefits greatly from B-sticking ****

B- Sticking : Which is the art of mapping your C-stick to Special so B moves are quicker to come out.


**SH RAR **(Short hop reverse aerial rush)

Psi Magnet WD:

Using the psi magnet to increase forward momentum and create a type of wave dash;
It is done by pressing Diagonal Down then moving your finger from Y(jump) immediately to Down+B.

It increases lucas’ forward momentum. Useful for closing gaps.

  • Can also be done out of shield *

When you double jump , or do a single jump and at the height of the jump do a PKF thats wavebounced. Then Immediately press Down+B , and of course as you know itll shoot you across the stage…

Zap Jump:
When you perform Lucas’ second jump and PKF on the same frame. It causes him to
launch in the air at an amazing height. Best option for when you are beneath stage very easy comeback technique. The timing is strict but once the timing is down becomes second nature. Possibly the greatest recovery trick.

PK WaveLand:**

Dash Assisted PK WaveLand:


Wave Zap:
Combination of ZJ and MP For the Truly ultimate recovery , also. PKT2 is also available… if for some instance you
dont recover to the stage.

This Video Containts the basic ADV tactics for lucas.
( Vid credit soultrigger)

Lucas Frame Data:**

Frame Data
! Rolldodge
| Completed on Frame 31
| Invulnerable on Frame 2

Vulnerable on Frame 20

! Spotdodge
| Completed on Frame 27
| Invulnerable on Frame 2

Vulernable on Frame 22

! Jab A
| Completed on Frame 18
| Hitbox Comes Out on Frame 1

Hitbox Stays Out Until Frame 3

! Nair
| Completed on Frame 30
| Hitbox 1 Comes Out on Frame 2
| Hitbox 2 Comes Out on 5
| Hitbox 3 Comes Out on 9
| Hitbox 4 Comes Out on 13
| Hitbox 5 Comes Out on 16
| Hitbox 6 Comes Out on 20
| Hitbox 7 Comes Out on 23

Hitbox 8 Comes Out on 26

! Fair
| Complete on Frame 47

Hitbox Comes Out on Frame 11

! Dair
| Complete on Frame 58
| Hitbox 1 Comes Out on Frame 7
| Hitbox 2 Assumed On Frame 12
| Hitbox 3 Comes Out on Frame 17

Hitbox 4 Assumed on Frame 22

! Bair
| Completed on Frame 42
| Hitbox @#$% Comes Out on Frame 16

What the **** is up with this move

! Uair
| Completed on Frame 48

Hitbox Comes Out on Frame 4

! Ftilt
| Completed on Frame 24

Hitbox Comes Out on Frame 7

! Utilt
| Completed on Frame 42
| Hitbox 1 Comes Out on Frame 6

Hitbox 2 Comes Out on Frame 10

! Dtilt
| Completed on Frame 17

Hitbox Comes Out on Frame 5

! Fsmash
| Completed on Frame 47

Hitbox Comes Out on Frame 15

! Dsmash
| Completed on Frame 67
| Hitbox 1 Comes Out on Frame 21
| Hitbox 2 Comes Out on 30

Hitbox 3 Comes Out on 41

! Upsmash
| Completed on Frame 101
| Hitbox Comes Out on Frame 30
| Hitbox Reaches Max Height on Frame 58

( Copied from smashboards ; credit to GofG)

Lucas Vids:**

(Link Good Lucas Vids)

Matchups :** (Matchup Info coming later)






Meta Knight:

Discussion Please? :woot:

( Anything I should add? Let me know)


Fuzzy_Snugs - Residentwaterfowl

I play Lucas. I really like his Up Smash, you can get kills early.
Sweeps into D Smash or U smash is good for a kill.
FAIR is a good aerial to approach with.
NAIR gets good damage on big characters fast.
BAIR is a really good spike.

Lucas is a really fun character, wish Ness was as good. =(

Yeah , very fun and very good.

Thanks for adding in , I’ll be workin’ on this thread more sometime soon.

Bair = OWNAGE lol

f-smash is pretty strong and it acts as a reflector.

down-b does damage/knockback upon releasing B. knockback is decent, not KO material but it sends the opponent almost strictly horizontally.

PK Fire moves Lucas backwards. It can be done just before landing to sort of waveland, but the move won’t come out if you do it too late.

Lucas’s pivot grab RULES. Much faster and less lag. Just dash away from the opponent, turn around at the end of the dash and press Grab.

I killed someone with the u-throw at about 130% from the ground in Halberd. Awesome. Please confirm, though, since my memory fails me on ocassion.

PK Thunder is an amazing edgeguard. USE IT.

Spiking with d-air is a bit weird. I think you have to hit with the heel of Lucas’s shoe on the third hit. I could be wrong, though.

Jabs are pretty good for getting people off your ass.

Use tether recovery when you’re reasonably close to the edge. Don’t risk PK Thundering and getting gimped. SAVE YOUR SECOND JUMP.

At low percentages (probably from 0% only), the d-smash can hit twice for about 30%+ damage. Awesome but situational.

N-air is good for eating through shields.

EDIT: U-smash should be avoided unless you’re sure it will hit. It’s too slow, easy to see coming and laggy as crap. Its hitbox is ENORMOUS, though. Hits a little to the sides, too. Get yourself used to not using it. If you have to smash, use f-smash (which is quick) and d-smash (which is pretty powerful and a lot quicker).

can someone explain to me how to do the wave bounce thing w/ down b as the recovery move?? please and thank you

You mean Magnetpulling?

yea that thing ive seen so many different names for it lol, but yea can u explain how to do it please

When you double jump , or do a single jump and at the height of the jump do a PKF thats wavebounced. Then Immediately press Down+B , and of course as you know itll shoot you across the stage… :woot:

Its a bit easier done with B-Sticking.

( Check the video in the first post)

and the pkf wavebounced is done how i didnt see nothing on how to do this and the vids im getting lost on how to do it…sorry

hmm I haven’t tested this against alot of characters since I don’t own the game but I think theres ness combos that he can do from ssb64 like repeatedly utilt and uairing them and other fun stuff. imo his nair is too good for pressuring since it has no recovery lag and u can keep spamming it. just be careful about getting shield grabbed tho. residentwaterfoul already mentioned his grab and pk thunder for edgeguarding. + his downb absorbs pits arrows so its good against defensive pits.

b sticking with lucas is awesome.

its no problem at all, basicaly a wavebounced PKF; Is where you can either b-stick or do it manually. A PK fire that gives lucas incredible backwards momentum.

You cant short hop it or jump normally. But Set the C-stick to special and test it out in training.

If your facing right -> you would wanna SH and hit the b stick to the left <-. So that he shoots the PKF backwards instead of frontwards… vica versa.

With that said it works with the Psi Magnet also , and it also works along with B-Moves in general to an extent. I beleive PKF and PsiMag. benefit the most. You can also auto rar. ( Ill explain that in a bit on first post).

really now?

I know about the d-throw -> Utilt -> Uair…

How many tilts can you get off?

nair = amazing lol!

Thundersliding looks fun. What is he doing when he does it, moving so fast in the air that his pk thunder seems to instantly hit him? Could you explain that a little more? (I saw Thundersliding which was linked from the first video, Adv Tactics 2 for Lucas)

Oh and btw, you forgot to add:


vs Suicidal Pikachu: Put the controller down and walk away, there’s no way you can win.

oh definitely dude! well as you know now… I expalined thundersliding to you the other day HAHAH! When Lucas was owning shit xP