"It's quiet here.. Almost too.. Quiet."

Wow. Le 3s section looks real dead right about now.

yeah i know…Its cuz of sf4…lol…Thats why I hate it cuz i dont even play sf4(no console)

The game was intended to fill the ten year gap btw Super SFII:Turbo and Capcom’s next real Street Fighter. And now those ten years are gone. Funny since I didn’t even know Street fighter III extisted in 1999- I couldn’t even hadouken then, I was in elementary school. As I recall, NC school systems decided that the firey “ha-dou-ken” technique was too volatile and dangerous to teach to small children, so it was banned… However I beleive that a certain man… Had sued them two years ago, saying that “…Learning to see the true way of the warrior is quite necessary. Young ones must learn to see without seeing, to feel their surroundings… In short they must see beyond themselves, beyond their fists.” When a board administrator told him he was insane and asked him what the heck he meant by this, the man promptly responded by giving him a sharp glare the beating of the century. The admin was left with terrible bruises and burn marks.The court was then considered “adjourned” by most of its attendants that day, including the plaintiff, who grabbed his jacket and headed for the door. A portly baliff stopped the man on the way out though, and asked him why he beat up the defendant, and what he was trying to prove by doing such… The man’s only response was “You must defeat me to stand a chance!”

I went off into a very random comedic story. Read it!

fuck you go away


responses like this make this forum dead -__-


It’s because I have been missing.

o hao i mis u so

You’re my hero bro. Lurking these boards, I realized you actually made me achieve a somewhat zen like immune state to trolling and thus helped me step up my game.

Things like the ample red parry out of Kens SA3 or kara karakusa are hard to do when you’re anxious; you made me realize that there is always two sides of the coin. Gave me a buddhist like meditative state on the world by realizing everything doubles as just hilarious trolling.

In essense you divided by zero and actually helped my game more than any advising post here warning Makoto players on whats safe, whats not, by making me take things so lightly the right options became clear!

I vote Roshihikari for mod here, he’s a very helpful advisor and improved the confidence and detail in my game far higher than it was before.

Who’s with me?

I contribute nothing to this thread: someone give me a bagel, so that I will leave.

Wow, can you be any less fucking specific please?

Raisin, Onion, Poppy seed, Plain;

Cream cheese, butter;

Toasted, untoasted;

You get the picture?

Ace post!